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Huang Wei also, the music world he is no longer a cipher, entertainment channel, original title: Huang Wei also, the music world he is no longer a cipher "Huang Weiyi Tencent entertainment news (the inland fish) a new generation of artists Huang Wei also found no new album" this "quiet at the end of August on the line, not too much noise, or move some people. The two song "a cipher" "no such person" is like a person’s voice, not to go on show, not to participate in the variety, no news of the artist, by singing to be remembered, not too easy, Huang Wei also perhaps is disturbed, but out of this album, he is no longer a cipher, but the works of people, but not so leisurely with vigour and vitality. "No such person" is about the city boys’ inner world, love is ambiguous, want to go away but always trapped in place, unwilling to ordinary, unbearable stereotyped dull, sometimes a little tangled click into place, sometimes. At the beginning of the first single "deception", not strange, no sophistry is love stage, to understand each other is not complete, can let the heart feel a glimmer of feelings, Huang Wei also R& B singing is simple and comfortable, basking in the sun in the mood. The album is full of feelings, but not to write love. "Perfect life" this song, he didn’t write a perfect life is what it looks like, just write all sorts of side is not important, as well as a sentimental person need not what a perfect life, "to be able to meet you at the end of the lonely" is perfect, even in the face of the world is cold, happy regrets, happen the most natural." In fact, is a very full of love songs, like a declaration of love for someone. The album has been written in France, "Monet garden" no specific written garden, writing is a kind of empty thoughts, everyone has a secret garden, how to let others into their own garden flowers, perhaps only through love. In one of the album title song "a cipher" this song, also to Paris, Paris is going to go, but in reality, the song is MV to the Paris field framing, and RAP in that period, also sampled Coco Lee "knife horse day" is a tribute to the music. Idol. There is a "no such person" album in the music world, Huang Wei also is no longer a cipher, the color value is very high big boys, more want to show is the singing talent, he has no rebellious attitude, no fancy accent, simple singing. I love the girl like to sing a love song, love song "Love Duet and Han Fang like" love to be synchronous, understanding, sing is freedom, Huang Wei also music on the road has just begun. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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