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Huang Zitao became a director domineering camp hero F6 combination was born – Sohu " entertainment; camp hero F6" combination was born   Sohu entertainment news with second stations on the audience to follow the journey of temper, the pace of training new recruits to guide a taste of the "hero camp" style. This week, the "hero camp" will usher in a barracks open day, the troops of the family members have a joyous gathering. The need for open evening performances of the recruits were all eager for a fight, eager. Always "and" Huang Zitao is the shoulder beam, turned "domineering director", "let people find everything fresh and new hero combination camp F6" will bring you what kind of new feelings. Enter the camp Huang Zitao training, efforts to "qualified soldiers" advanced also often take advantage of a break to practice songs and nunchukus. Captain Liu Jinyi to express their feelings, to learn to sing the song Teaser; team song, RAP celebrated adaptation of fun. The "hero camp Open Day party, as one of the main male soldiers, Tao Tao have to take responsibility," director ", led by Wang Wei, Cai Junjie, Sun Yang, Jiang Jinfu, Li Rui composed" hero camp F6 ", to reproduce the classic song" meteor shower ". When the first director Tao Tao domineering, not only sing songs, but also integrate military elements in the show, duorenyanqiu. Always only sing songs in the monitor Wang Wei, "forced" open throat pop songs. The rehearsal scene, "the director Huang Zitao fan played most incisive, is more directly with Wang Wei" cut "on the spot" scolded "monitor does not regulate the motion, newspaper" push up revenge "," stuck "Wang Wei understands" specialize in ", sincerely obey the command of Yu Taotao leadership. The performance gap, Huang Zitao did not forget with the female dance, dance movement. The Party led by Tao Tao, the "hero camp F6" a play that won warm applause, Wang Wei started to monitor "song" the first shot, accompanied by a "meteor shower" Melody flowing slowly, handsome male soldiers also go, Peigemoqi, common interpretation of a barracks version of "meteor shower". In the end is what kind of hair on the scene, so that the "yellow guide" to lead the trend, Wang Wei leans to sing the "meteor shower", and what is the end of the heart touched the audience? More wonderful, upcoming. Challenge the limits of self, break through the self short board, life is not a fixed format, only continue to try. Camp temper, eight Air Force recruits continue to accept the unknown test, the next train journey, new recruits will be how to tap their own potential. Lock Hunan TV, in November 18 Japan Friday evening 20:20, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article and meet you.相关的主题文章:

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