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I take the wind to say something to you – Sohu Creep-Radiohead Hello, I am with the wind. Although we are familiar with it, I would like to introduce myself again. Gender female, 97 years, Capricorn, height of 170, weight really can not say. Everyone said that I was dirty demon king, the old driver, in fact, I am just a long good-looking (here does not accept any rebuttal) ordinary girl. There are always people who ask me why you can write so many articles with me. I guess it’s because we walked the same way. I also love to miss, have been betrayed, and cried, but also very decadent life. In March this year, I opened a public number "I walk with the wind", the beginning do not understand the layout, even with pictures and music have a long time to learn. Write your mind first, their views on this era. Slowly, "I walk with the wind" by more and more people to understand, but also more and more people like. Then I began to understand that this is not just a place for me to talk to, but also a lot of people spend a long lonely night. Just started every other week to write an article, and later insisted on a more day, although sometimes lazy to give yourself a holiday. Some people asked me before, you insist on doing public numbers, the purpose of writing the article. I want to say, I hope that everyone who reads "I walk with the wind" is very cool. I used to say that it’s not that I’m with you, but that you’re with me. Whenever I was questioned, attacked, it is the first time you come forward to speak for me, comfort me on micro-blog WeChat. I remember the impression is very deep, the circle of friends who said a lot of a lot of good to me, I was very sad that night, and friends in the room where they do not want to go. I thought for a long time to say, I do not want to write, too tired. Friends say, yes, but you want to explain how and your readers. Then I open the public number backstage, open the message sent by the reader, which is encouraging me to comfort me. Thank you, accompany me through this road. Accompany me to grow up, accompany me to become mature, accompany me to become better, accompany me to have the courage to face the world. Thank you, really. An excerpt from "the cruel because you can’t stop growing" today without writing, why come here and you said these words, is the first book I finally started the pre-sale. I now remember, at that time decided to book, he was sent a circle of friends. "If I were you serious about the book will buy it" I received a lot of positive reply. So today I am particularly happy to the circle of friends in the comments below, for five months, you have to wait so long. A lot of readers came running to tell me the first time I saw my message. From the day the decision to publish a book to start now, for five months, you have to wait so long. Thank you, a.相关的主题文章:

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