In the fresh in all day as the hanch brothers MV first (video)

In the fresh in "All day" as the Hanch brothers MV first [Abstract] "All day" MV screen is bright, fresh in like on behalf of the Hanch brothers. Hanch brothers "All Day" official version of Tencent entertainment news Urban Hip-Hop, melody clean and lively, full of sense of the screen, which is the Hanch brothers new EP flagship song "All day" to bring people feel. Freshly baked MV with the same name to maintain the style of the song, and play to the fullest. Hanch brothers, "All day" MV starting in the past hip-hop works, mostly underground, black, or critical or negative context associated with the intention is nothing more than to highlight its depth. Leaves and flowers are defined as Bodhi, even hip hop is still niche, such as ocean like deep reflection among the universe. In fact, hip-hop has a sharp reality, but also a relaxed melody, such as the Hanch brothers, the first "All day" MV. "All day" MV screen is bright, fresh in like on behalf of the Hanch brothers. The streets and city paintlike, vibrant Hanch brothers walk on the billboards on the streets, the cover of the magazine, dancing in the carry from the mobile phone, with two of them attitude to life: easy and simple. MV also has a young simple pleasures, like "All day" this is the first single trait into strong sense, there is no doubt KTV will point to a song and dance, but not blindly indulge in sensual. MV a lot of lovely and rhythmic effects, natural and not fall marks, full of sincerity, but as in the past the Hanch Brothers Music Stand: serious and high quality. As they say, they will go on the road of music. Such a perfect works, is undoubtedly the best answer for their self surrender.相关的主题文章:

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