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Intelligent hardware market is old pit or treasure? The social aging trend intensifies, the old man has no need of intelligent wearable products sales of intelligent hardware market is aimed at "silver economy". Official data show that as of the end of 2015, China’s elderly population aged 60 and above, a total of 222 million people, accounting for the total population of 16.1%. At present, this figure is still growing, only the end of last year, the city of Beijing, about 3 million 133 thousand of the elderly population, and the official expects that by 2020, the resident population in Beijing will be more than 4 million people. In the face of such a huge market for the aged, the government has opened a variety of support programs, for example, in September 20th, Beijing Chaoyang District village in eight community officially launched the "Health e pension plan", the use of the internet intelligent hardware technology, constructing home-based care services system. Many intelligent hardware practitioners are ready to, want to get a cup of soup. But at the same time, there is no demand for intelligent hardware market, sales, strong substitutability, homogeneity and other serious mouthing constantly, we can not help but wonder whether the market is "treasure" or "pit"? Function and the elderly smartphone coincidence, strong substitutability? Real time positioning, a call for help, heart rate monitoring, medication reminders…… It is not difficult to find, and many elderly elderly intelligent mobile phone flagship smart wearable products are very coincident, so many consumers believe that the elderly intelligent mobile phone, will not have to pay for other smart products. "The memory of the elderly than young people will often forget to bring mobile phone, but the smart watch is not such a problem at the same time, many old people will not use type search, intelligent mobile phone operating threshold is still very high, sometimes we often ignore the real needs of the elderly from thinking." Elderly smart wrist watch jWotch deputy general manager Yuan Qihua said in an interview with the Beijing morning news reporter. It is worth noting that the monitoring of health data as one of the main selling point of intelligent hardware for the elderly, many consumers are monitoring the data can reach the medical level of precision measurement also questioned. In this regard, Yuan Qihua said, first of all, with the continuous development of technology, the direction of medical grade is certainly the goal. At the same time many people know of smart wearable is misunderstanding, our products are not only the traditional monitor on data accuracy, it is actually a big data application products, through continuous monitoring of a day, a month, a year or even longer, is the law of development and trend can show you the status of the body, such as when your heart rate data in continuous variation, the product will give you a warning or medical reminder, and these data changes for the doctor also has a very important reference value." Jingdong raised platform responsible person said, they are full of confidence for the elderly intelligent hardware market, but the difficulty lies in the breakthrough can meet the application requirements of the actual scene groups, can make intelligent products limited to emphasize its intelligence, and should be more deep thinking from the design, quality, function and other aspects of the scene. Sales are not satisfactory, the market is false demand? Overall, sales are gradually to the good, but still no Lynn相关的主题文章:

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