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James Huang revealed that the future will go back to college to major in the history of the world body to make up for the regret of sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 14th for the players of high school students according to James, "Cleveland honest newspaper" reported that as a high school player Lebron – James said that in the future he will enter the University of Akron. James’s foundation and University of Akron have been working together, but one day, Mr James will be a student at the university. As long as I have time, I will go to University of Akron." James said in an interview, "I have been saying that some college courses, and some classes. So now I am reading a lot of books, I have some very good people around me, I can learn from them." In 2003, James entered NBA directly from high school, but he was always in a state of learning. Today, James is not only the best player in the NBA arena, he is also a very successful man on the sidelines. It is worth mentioning that, James family foundation and University of Akron to maintain a cooperative relationship, and is committed to creating opportunities for local children scholarship. Today, the James foundation announced a new school in Akron to ensure that the same children could graduate from college. I believe many people will be curious to ask: if James will go back to college in the future, he will be what major? "I like the history of the world, that is, the history of everything." James said, "I like this part of the knowledge, those who create the world. Especially when I travel around the world, it makes sense to see how we make the world. This is very cool." In addition to his own reading, James said he would check the two son’s lessons. When they finish their homework, I’ll check it out." James said, "I like math, so I can check their math homework." (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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