Jiangsu 12 year old girl abducted. Two suspects have Xingju (video) googims

Jiangsu 12 year old girl abducted. "Two suspects have Xingju 12 year old girl to be seized suspected of trafficking has been detained by the Beijing News (reporter Liu Ziheng) during the national day, a" Jiangsu Xuzhou 12 year old girl in the hospital to be seized suspected abducted events spread on the internet. Yesterday morning, Xuzhou police released informed the police confirmed the matter, due to the alleged crime of trafficking in women and children, two suspects have been detained. "12 year old girl birth" that had been pregnant for 12 weeks in Xuzhou recently, a number of local sites spread, October 4th morning, Xuzhou Central Hospital, a man and a woman two middle-aged people with a young pregnant women to come to birth, and claimed that pregnant women 20 years old. Doctors found that girls in appearance and not 20 years old, may lower the actual age, "the little girl looked nothing like the development of age, and she said has nothing to do with." From the photos can be seen in young women, petite, head of the small plait, wearing a denim jacket. In a medical report on color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor wrote "20?" , the final diagnosis results are: "in the first trimester of pregnancy, equivalent to 12 weeks of pregnancy," the right side of the cyst". According to local media reports in Xuzhou, pregnant women in the admissions process, the two is always a middle-aged man instead of girls in with your doctor. Then, the doctor let accompanied by adults to wait outside, and the girl alone to communicate, girl slurred speech, after repeated communication, know about the girl from the more remote areas, and there are no documents to prove his own identity information. At this point, waiting for the pregnant woman at the entrance of the men and women began to noisy, dissatisfied with the doctor asked too much, the man also claimed to be bombed the hospital. Xuzhou central hospital propaganda department staff told the Beijing News reporter, was seen this scene, the hospital security section and some patients call the police. The police arrested 4 other suspects on the evening of the event, Xuzhou Quanshan police issued alarm notification, said 11 pm the same day, Quanshan Kuishan police station received the alarm, "the famous 12 year old girl to do prenatal examination in a more than 40 year old man accompanied by the suspected abducted girls department." the police after the relevant parties brought to the police station for further processing. Because the girl claiming to be a foreigner, and can not communicate with people, at present, the police are investigating the identity of the woman and the specific situation for further investigation. According to local media reports in Xuzhou, the police followed by pregnant women invited to translate, after the exchange, confirmed that the girl is indeed foreign, and the girl went to the hospital to do a pregnancy check of the man of Xuzhou District, Copper Mt. Yesterday, Xuzhou Copper Mt. district police released the progress of the event, October 4th 22 am, the police will transfer this clue to Quanshan territorial jurisdiction of the Copper Mt. police, Copper Mt. police on October 5th investigation, and the alleged crime of trafficking in women and children of the criminal suspect Xie Moumou (female, 47 years old) and the alleged crime of buying abducted women and children the suspect Liu XX (male, 35 years old) criminal detention according to law. In addition, according to a media reporter in Xuzhou, told the Beijing News reporter, the production of girls or Vietnamese, Xuzhou men for buyers, sellers in Henan. Xuzhou Copper Mt. Public Security Bureau, a staff member also in Beijing news.相关的主题文章:

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