Ji’nan man holding a dog to take the bus passengers were kneel to the opposition thinkpad s230u

Ji’nan man holding a dog by bus passengers were opposed to passengers after kneel to passengers holding a dog man kneeling (video screenshot) Qilu news network September 23rd the day before 3 pm, Ji’nan a bus coming up a passenger holding a dog. However, due to the provisions of the bus company, can not bring pets on board, the driver on the car to stop the man. According to "101" reported that the driver did not work to discourage the man insisted on holding the dog on the bus, and sat down on the seat. The man’s behavior caused many passengers dissatisfaction. The man had a few words with other passengers, and returned to his seat. Suddenly, the man made a surprising move, he suddenly fell to his knees and passengers to knock three heads. The side says: sorry, it kowtow than the child okay. But the man’s move did not get the understanding of passengers, passengers have raised objections again, it is recommended to allow men to take a taxi. In the end the passengers objected, man once again kneel down and kowtow, then get off. It is understood that the Ji’nan bus company has clearly defined: prohibit passengers carrying animals on the bus. Three team Ji’nan seven bus company responsible Zhao Chuanying said, hope that everyone in the car when, in accordance with regulations, respect other people’s health and safety, then get on the bus, do not want to take your pet.相关的主题文章:

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