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Jiujiang some of the old toilets dirty and messy – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn October 7th, Mr. Xu found the toilet in public toilets Shuiting plazas, the toilets dirty phenomenon is serious, not only sewage leakage, and squatting is not flush. Mr. Xu believes that the public environment dirty, chaotic and poor, let a person look sick, such as non public toilets really helpless, perhaps no one is willing to use. 8, Xunyang evening news reporter in the city a number of toilets for public toilets, found the old filthy toilets are common, new environment is good. Square Shuiting toilet someone after not washed over the stench of 8, 10 am, reporters came to the square Shuiting, not into the toilet, smell a stench, out of public toilets have to cover the nose. Into the toilet, the reporter found that the toilet floor is squatting in the sewage, sewage leakage, exudes stench, sickening. There are not a number of squatting clean, the floor is littered with waste paper on the floor, as well as a middle-aged man will pee on the ground. Some pit door open, can be entered immediately after come out again, eyebrows twisted. The reporter opened the door and found the pit of dirt is not washed away, the corner of the garbage basket is full, the next was a lot of paper. Reporters in the toilet for less than 3 minutes, it appears after the nausea and vomiting symptoms. Jump square dance Uncle Wu said: "don’t go smell the odor, many stains on the ground, really make people uncomfortable, uncivilized phenomenon occurs when the toilet." All day shabby cloth cover toilet door Lane 11 pm the same day, the reporter went to the all day lane, found hidden in the alley public toilets. Into the toilet, the reporter found that the old public toilets or toilet, there is a groove, flushing water automatically after water storage of the water tank wall, the urinal beside piles of toilet paper be thrown on the ground. The reporter found that the public toilet facilities, not only did not sink, the door is covered with a piece of cloth, a gust of wind blowing, people outside can see the toilet. Live next to Uncle Wu told reporters that this kind of trench latrines are two categories of public toilets, no flushing device alone, but by the water tanks, etc. to reach a certain level after water flushing. Operating in the vicinity of the commissary Mr. Wang told reporters that he wanted to go to the toilet alone at night, afraid to go to, no lights, the environment is not good. "Morning afternoon is clean and smells are dirty." In addition, the reporter also visited the nearby Yuanzhou international hotels, public toilets, Jiangzhou farms were found in the toilet, filthy phenomenon. A small compartment tile Star public toilets clean in the morning, the reporter also visited the square and in public toilets, public toilets and other star Li Gongdi public toilets, public toilets, a tile found cubicle clean, fresh air. The reporter saw, not only for the public toilet chair to rest, also placed flowers and potted plants, the stereo playing music, the sink has electric baking mobile phone. "The environment here is very good, but also the star hotel bathroom environment. We are in the lake leisure of the elderly, even go a few steps, but also willing to go to toilet here." More than the old man repeatedly praised the new public toilets sanitation well. For some of the old public toilets dirty and messy problems, many people said that the health status of public toilets).相关的主题文章:

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