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Kame Sennin smiled! Two foreigners riding Turtle was fined remember when we first saw the "Dragon Ball" the appearance of Kame Sennin, he is riding turtle appearance. Perhaps for a lot of time was still very young anime fans, will produce "I also want to ride a turtle" impulse, right? And recently, two Australians on such an attempt, but the price is a fine of $20 thousand (about RMB 104 thousand)! It is understood that the "turtle" event leading man named Ricci · logas. He took a ride with friends in a turtle on the photo, the picture inside look very happy, and afterwards he posted photos of personal face book, commented: "the weekend riding turtle surfing, too cool!" But this figure quickly sparked a lot of angry netizens, many people said that Ricci is the abuse of animals, this behavior is objectionable. And the matter was known by the local animal protection association, thus giving them a high ticket. Once thought it was a fun experience, but it turned into a wallet crying tragedy, I do not know what these two people have ideas. In this regard, many users Tucao said: some people just do not know the terrible network." "Even if you ride, also face book, this is not dead?" Kame Sennin silently place praise……" So you fans, how do you see it? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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