Lack of manpower shortage of this free public welfare vegetarian restaurant troubled barcarolle

Shortage of manpower shortage of this free public welfare vegetarian restaurant in case of trouble to Zhao Xiaoyan to "guests" cooking. Jeannic photo and other Wenzhou vegetarian restaurant, located in the urban area around the square lane "Lotus vegetarian restaurant" free and open to the public, whether you are homeless, security, sanitation workers, or workers or passers-by can dine here. The vegetarian restaurant opened more than two years, but faced with lack of personnel, funding and other issues. Yesterday, the head of the vegetarian restaurant called for more caring people support. At noon, when up to more than and 130 people dining at 10 yesterday morning, the reporters came to the "Lotus vegetarian restaurant", about 60 square meters of the restaurant in order, two older volunteers in cleaning. "Wipe off the net, and so it will be comfortable." A man of a woman said. The restaurant manager Zhao Xiaoyan is a chef and a volunteer in the kitchen cooking, "although we are burning vegetable dish, but the taste is not bad." In a gap, Zhao Xiaoyan and reporters chatted up. 11 at noon, there are 15 minutes away from the restaurant opening time, the restaurant has lined up. At this time, food shelf dishes have been in place, cabbage, potatoes, tofu and other Sauteed Green Beans, 10 disc elements color aroma and taste. As soon as the meal arrives, the volunteers are in an orderly manner to give each guest a meal and a meal. Close to 12 points, the number of meals to reach the peak, but the guests still queue up dishes, chopsticks, seat. The whole process is particularly quiet, few people speak, even spoke softly. "The food is delicious and the people here are very kind. I come here on time at noon every day." A sanitation worker said. Every day at noon, there are 70 people to eat in the store, there are more than more than and 130 people." Volunteer Wang Tingting told reporters that since the restaurant opened, to solve the problem of homeless people, lunch in the area of sanitation workers, their nature is a frequent visitor here. The person in charge of a person all mentioned reasons, open love vegetarian restaurant Zhao Xiaoyan said, he is a vegetarian, vegetarian through, to publicize the environmental health meal. This vegetarian restaurant from July 2014 opening date, Zhao Xiaoyan has been responsible for. Four or five in the morning, she will be responsible for buying food, chopping, cooking, busy for hours. Haven’t had time to sit down and rest, went to the dinner time, and then she had to entertain guests. Sometimes there are volunteers to help, there is no volunteers, then she was the one on top. "In the eyes of outsiders, I am the head of the vegetarian restaurant, in fact, I am a chef, waiter, dishwasher all together." Even so, Zhao Xiaoyan still adhere to the transfer of love, promote the idea of environmental health vegetarian. She felt that, since it is their decision to do something, we must persevere, give up halfway contrary to the beginning of the heart. Appeal to more people to support the love of Zhao Xiaoyan to reporters calculations, the annual rent of 55 thousand, water and electricity costs a year of more than 10 thousand, as well as the daily supply of rice, etc.. A year later, the basic operating expenses in the hall vegetable dish at least ten. It is understood that the opening of two years, most of the cost of vegetable dish by Zhao Xiaoyan hall out of pocket or friends sponsorship. In order to let the vegetarian restaurant survive, Zhao Xiaoyan began to take measures to "cut". The original free three meals a day, gradually changed.相关的主题文章:

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