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SEO A .mon problem with most of the SEO .panies in India is client retention. A significant percentage of clients signup for SEO services but change the vendor after two or three months. The primary reason behind this trend is uncertainty associated with organic results. Clients do not want to wait for months to see their website at the top of search engine results. Also, there are many other practices that spoil client-vendor relationship and force the former to look for a change. Though we cannot rectify the mistakes .mitted in the past but here are a few suggestions that SEO agencies in India can keep in mind for improving relations with clients in future. Learn to Say No Starting the discussion on a negative tone is not advisable but it is essential for .panies offering SEO service in India, to learn to say no. Taking up tasks which your organization is not capable of handling would ruin the relations and build a negative reputation in the market. So, if you are not sure of a task given by the client, simply say no to it. Be Personable & Transparent Having a professional approach while .municating with clients is desirable but adding a bit of humor does not do any harm either. Try to start some personal discussions with the client as it helps the latter in opening up. Once both the client and the vendor are on good talking terms, achieving transparency in the system be.es easier. Share both the good and bad news with the client to maintain trust in the relation. Prepare a Roadmap for SEO Project More or less, a SEO project requires similar activities to be repeated over and again. As a result, clients may think that the SEO India .pany is not doing anything worthwhile. However, SEO .panies know that this is not true and thus should convey this message to the clients right in the beginning. For best results, prepare a roadmap for the SEO project and explain the activities to the client. You can also enlighten the clients on efforts and time required by each activity. Improve & Expand Clients need a reason to stick to your .anization. Try to show your clients that the .anization has improved and explain how your services are beneficial to their business. Convincing clients to extend their contract is doubtlessly a challenging task but it can be made possible with strong analytical and imaginative skills. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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