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Meditation Vipassana translates as Clear seeing. Although there are many meditation techniques associated with Vipassana, the Vipassana technique you are about to learn is one that will allow you to enter the highest states of meditation and spiritual enlightenment. One of the main teachings of Buddhism is impermanence. Everything that arises also disappears. So this meditation technique is about observing this impermanence. Find yourself sitting comfortably preferably without back support, close your eyes and simply notice what is happening in this moment. We are not looking to control anything or to hold on to anything. Simply be aware of what is arising and disappearing in this moment without holding on to anything. In this observation it is easy to see breathing is happening. You do not need to breathe, breathing simply happens. The breath goes in, the breath goes out. Notice your breathing without getting involved with it in anyway. Now notice the sensations you feel. Whatever is dominant in your focus, notice that sensation. There is no need to define it or describe it, just allow it. Do not try to hold on to the sensations or get rid of them. Just notice them and allow them to come and go. In this you will see sensations are always changing and moving. Now notice the thoughts. Try your best not to grab hold of thoughts. Just notice a thought arises and you let it go. Thoughts arise and they go. We are used to identifying with thinking, in being involved with the thoughts. But in this meditation technique we are just practicing watching the thoughts come and go. The thought arises and it goes. There is a flow of thoughts that happen all on their own, like the movement of a river. We are not concerned with the content of the thoughts, but more in simply watching this river, watching the flow of thinking without getting involved. Simply by observing without holding on to anything, without trying to control anything or even push things away, we are doing true Vipassana. The Vipassana meditation technique is about watching things arise and disappear all on their own. The rise and fall of the breath, the changing sensations and the arising and disappearing of thoughts; all of these things come and go on their own. So you see everything passing by yet you remain as the observing itself. The key is observation, without involvement. This is true Vipassana. This is clear seeing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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