Legend Van Gaal Mourinho Tucao not with Manchester United 1 weeks lost 3.-gamelink

Legend: Van Gaal Tucao Mourinho will not be united 1 weeks 3 game losing. Van Mourinho? Sina sports United away in a surprise defeat to Waterford, desperate, in the game, Mourinho’s team is clueless, lifeless, and even let many people see Van Gaal last season’s "boring united" shadow, British Oprah, legendary former star Lineker on twitter. Similar tucao. In Manchester United’s 1-3 defeat of Waterford, Lineker said on Twitter: "Manchester United had lost three games in a week. I can’t say that Van Gaal can achieve this." Lineker’s fatal blow and Manchester United fans are more and more anxious, a lot of fans have put Mourinho and PS to a face, to express their feelings of disappointment. Guess who I am? It is worth mentioning that Van Gaal’s Manchester United once had achieved the highest losing streak is the tournament fourth. The Van Gaal team in Wolfsburg from the Champions League group phase beat out after continuous in the Premier League to the Bournemouth, Norwich and the city of Storck. However, the 4 consecutive defeats a total of about 18 days, so Van Gaal did not bring Manchester United lost on Wednesday. (Zi Quan)相关的主题文章:

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