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The Commission against former director of the Bureau of the trial of Li Liang took office 14 months after he sacked – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Jin Yu) lasted nearly two years, China Commission investor protection bureau former director Li Liang bribery case first instance court on November 10th. The prosecution alleged that Lee had taken advantage of his position as the music network and other 9 companies offering public offering of shares or to provide help, and bribery in more than 693 yuan over the past 13 years. Has served as the music network IPO, according to CCTV news reports, Jiangsu City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the amount of bribery case in the case of. The people’s Procuratorate of Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, sent to support the prosecution in court, the defendant Lee and counsel to appear in the proceedings. Yangzhou City, Jiangsu province people’s Procuratorate charged: from 2000 to 2012, served as the Chinese Regulatory Commission issued the Ministry issued an audit of a director, deputy director of the supervision department of the gem distribution and the convenience of duty by the defendant Lee, Guangdong Kangmei pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, LETV information technology (Beijing) for Limited by Share Ltd and other 9 companies open the issuance of stocks or listed to help, and accepting the company sent to the property investors from 2000 to 2013, a total of RMB 693.622654 yuan. Draw the criminal responsibility of taking bribes. In the trial, the prosecution presented evidence, the amount of Li and the defender of the cross examination, both parties fully express their views, the amount of Li made a final statement, the court pleaded guilty to repentance. According to the Commission against former director of the Bureau Li Liang bribery case hearing, was to help "a thing for LETV listed, LETV said in a statement, the company and the company’s existing major shareholder and the company’s management and the matter has not affected in any way. After Lee, the Commission has sacked 4 officials in October 2013, Li Liang, director of the Commission for the protection of investors to take office, took office after being sacked for 14 months, and opened the prelude to the Commission’s anti-corruption. The evening of December 1, 2014, the official website of the Commission announced that the China Securities Regulatory Commission Investor Protection Bureau Lee alleged violation of law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Previously, Lee has been engaged in the work of gem supervision. As early as 2009, the gem opening at the beginning, the amount of Li China served as deputy director of the Commission gem issuance supervision office. In fact, Li is just the beginning. Since then, the Commission Vice Chairman Yao Gang, assistant chairman of the Commission Zhang Yujun, the Commission issued supervision department director Li Zhiling, the Commission issued the three director Liu Shufan and other officials have been checked, let the Commission issued regulatory authorities in the vortex of public opinion. Among them, the Commission sacked the highest level officials are Yao Gang, was known as the trial emperor". In November 13, 2015 8 o’clock in the evening, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Website disclosure, the Commission Vice Chairman Yao Gang alleged serious disciplinary checked. Yao Gang, the Commission number two, sacked at the age of 53. In 2002, Yao Gang served as the director of the supervision department of the Securities Regulatory Commission. In July 2004, he served as assistant chairman of the Commission, Party member and director of the supervision department; in 2008 he served as vice chairman of the csrc. Another securities and futures commission.相关的主题文章:

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