Long tour game capital team LGD club to further raise the gaming industry antik

Long tour game capital team LGD club to further raise the gaming industry long tour game September 6th evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of long travel times 100% holding of Shanghai purple key information technology Co., the company intends to cash invested 28 million yuan in Hangzhou Weipei network technology limited company capital increase, after the capital increase, holds 10% stake. This is a long tour game after the tour of Suzhou as the investment network science and technology limited company, is another important step to further raise the gaming industry. In recent years, with the launch of LOL, DOTA2, and other boutique gaming pioneer to the end of the tour, the global gaming market is rising fast user scale. According to iResearch statistics show that in 2018, Chinese gaming users will reach 280 million people, the end of the tour gaming market in 2015 has reached 26 billion 900 million yuan." Insiders said that with the gaming industry business model is becoming more and more perfect, the gaming field of derivatives is expected to become the next new blue ocean. It is worth mentioning that, in September 2016, the "people’s Daily" published a special introduction "E-sports" article "to use the mouse and keyboard sports", to convey the national E-sports positive attitude, at the same time, the Ministry of education in the university professional supplement recommendations also clearly increased the electronic sports professional. All the signs indicate that the gaming industry to obtain greater market space times are coming. Announcements, the purple key investment Weipei network was established in 2012, is a hub under the gaming clan club, online game platform and competitive electronic mall Integrated Network Technology Co. Ltd., has been formed for sports event service platform. According to the announcement, as of December 31, 2015, Weipei net total assets of 5 million 580 thousand and 900 yuan, net assets of 5 million 215 thousand and 700 yuan; 2015 1-12 month, the operating income of 9 million 115 thousand and 500 yuan, in the first half of 2016 has achieved operating income of 9 million 577 thousand and 300 yuan. It is understood that the Weipei network’s well-known gaming clan LGD as one of the most powerful and influential Gaming Club, led the team DOTA from 2009 FTD to DOTA2 is now the world’s top 10 LGD, has gathered a large number of fans. In addition to have a well-known Gaming Club, Weipei network is one of the few with transaction gaming platform company, the company’s VPgame platform not only provides live events, quiz service, also provides the function of the competitive trading props in the game, the game features will help users achieve trading. The future, with the continuous growth of the gaming users, and consumption, through effective means of realization, the sector is expected to become a new force in gaming revenue derived. The LGD team long tour game, purple key of its investment, through a long travel network information media experience and advantages, provide strong support and assistance for the future LOL on-line promotion; on the other hand, Weipei network’s gaming platform and Gaming Club, also plays a positive role in promoting for the development of game business, in order to achieve complementary advantages and long tour game and go hand in hand Weipei network. It is interesting that Wang Sicong’s general.相关的主题文章:

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