Luhan won three super high popularity award 90 billion to lead the

Luhan won three super high popularity award topic 90 billion lead # Luhan # super topic break 90 billion reading Luhan Ins number of fans breaking 6 million into the first Chinese Luhan Guinness world record Luhan concert of the "golden deer sea" Sina entertainment news recently, the first annual fans Carnival pageant held in Beijing, according to the real micro-blog backstage data statistics, Luhan [micro-blog] with high popularity of the annual gains search star, star of the year mentioned two awards, his fans — deer meal get fans Carnival super topic host title, became the largest number of times winning stars and fans group. Because of work reasons, I am sorry Luhan is unable to attend, but for this early recorded a VCR, special thanks to the fans for their support has been. In addition, as of November 5th, # Luhan # super topic reading volume has exceeded 90 billion, becoming the first to achieve this data’s star individual topic, big data lead to a new high. Previously, Luhan had received the most comments on the micro-blog blog "Guinness world record, after the lapse of a year, the micro-blog review has climbed to more than 100 million, again to refresh their Guinness record. In the first concert on the 351 people, 1731 people wearing antlers and scenes of far more than the United Kingdom has created the record, which he once again awarded the Guinness world record certificate. Luhan overseas social networking platform Instagram the number of fans exceeded 6 million, becoming the first platform fans more than 6 million Chinese stars; at the same time Luhan in Instagram on the single highest point of praise is more than 1 million, more than the European and American star, leading the Chinese list. (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章:

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