Male and female college students experience a couple of days to eat each other intimate shots

The male and female students experience a couple days each fed took intimate photos original title: male and female college students experience a couple who have successfully hand feeling uncomfortable "double eleven" in addition to shopping, college students also use their own way to celebrate "singles day". The same day, metropolis express reporter found in the city of University, a day of lovers, advertising and other activities staged crazy wall. In this regard, some experts believe that schools and teachers should do a good job guide. The strange male and female students experience one day a couple of 11 pm, reporters at the Hubei College of Arts and Sciences Institute saw experience gathered a lot of students. "The boys get registration number, and put into the box, the girls lined up lots, randomly. Pairing ‘lovers’ to the task card, there is a couple can do. Each completed a take pictures as evidence, finally completed the task most, can win the prize." The activities of the initiator, the school law society president Wang Xin introduced, if the first round match between male and female students are not satisfied, you can participate in the second round match. Last year, there are 20 pairs of registration, became a pair of 4." Wang Xin introduction, he is a sophomore law school, he was a freshman in the school launched a couple experience activities. In order to allow more students to participate, he also set up a group of college students to complete each task, you have to send photos to the group. Hand in hand, Wang Xin will provide them with dating funds, movie tickets and other prizes. Some people feel awkward hand in hand success, after all, is not a real boyfriend and girlfriend, the task of intimacy inside, think it is quite awkward." 11 evening, at the end of the day, the organizers held a classroom activity in the school’s 4 teaching building,, said the participants in the event, said Wang Yuanyuan. She said that she participated in all the games that night, but did not choose the couple experience. According to reports, the couple experience matching tasks, including hand in hand with the study, each feeding, shoot intimate photos, boys playing meals, girls girls for boys to the stadium to cheer. I heard that after the event, the Department of Humanities and arts, sophomore boys Mei Mei did not hesitate to report the name. "Maybe I can find my own destiny." Mei Yuan said with a smile, so he did not think that, on the night of the game, he met the right girl, a fellow freshman girls Liu yuan. Fate is so come, we have a good impression of each other, decided to continue to go on." It should also be good ways to actively guide held off a single game is appropriate in singles? The Department of the Department of the Department of instructor Lin believes that college students in love on campus can also supervise each other in their studies, but also to deal with the relationship between classmates, roommates, men and women friends. "College students have grown up, can be responsible for their own behavior, love should go with the flow, do not insist on." Zuo Lin said. In this regard, Yang Dejun professor of Hubei College of Arts and Sciences College of education that college students use their own ways of expressing appreciation and pursuit of the opposite sex is not wrong. He said that now the proportion of men and women in many schools imbalance, this form is conducive to promoting their exchanges, but the school and the teacher should be a good guide, grasp the way and methods. Source: AFP editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

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