Missing Surrender Sunshine combination of three members to a mystery winbook

Missing? Surrender? Sunshine combination of three members of Sunshine Tencent whereabouts a mystery entertainment news November 9th afternoon, Huobian network Sunshine owned brokerage company staff in the circle of friends made a rather scary "enlightenment". Circle of friends screenshot of the circle of friends, said: our new year’s music has been unable to contact the Sunshine combination of three members, Abby, Dora, Cindy! Sunshine it is understood that the Sunshine combination of members prior to have owned brokerage firm belief music proposed, faith music released by micro-blog for Sunshine members proposed statement. Faith music about faith music CEO Jie Bin said Sunshine members proposed said: "now, indeed gave each other a lot of chance to stand up and voice to no avail. But people have a bottom line, a crossing would be too much, at this moment, I defend ourselves, to defend their years of effort, every friend and staff as well as the beliefs behind the hard work of the. Thank you for your hard work for the company to create value. I hope the event as soon as possible in the past, three children can mituzhifan, gave everyone a warm faith." Faith music CEO Jie Bin micro-blog screenshot of the three girls is really missing, or unilaterally cut off contact with the company, we still do not know.相关的主题文章:

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