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Business 29th March 2010 saw the Chairman of the largest private sector .pany in India, Reliance Industries Ltd., the flagship concern of the Reliance Group, passing on his pearls of wisdom to the next generation of powers-that-be graduating from an institute declared to be among the top business schools in the world. The occasion was the 35th convocation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and business tycoon and proud alumnus, Mukesh Ambani, graced the occasion with his Chairmans Address. Mukesh Ambani observed that the world is emerging from a severe economic shock and resetting itself to face newer economic realities with India being one of the first countries to recover. This fact confirmed his belief that the economic centre of gravity is slowly shifting to Asia and the 21st century is poised to be an Indian one. Mukesh Ambani believes that currently, opportunities are many and must be seized effectively and in time. Leadership in all walks of life is the only way to achieve this goal. Fervently, he told his eager audience that they were graduating at the most appropriate time for shaping a new and resurgent India as the power of youth will be centric to the chiseling of the countrys future. However, he also cautioned that the .petition for Indian graduates will be more and more global as an increasing number of professionals from other countries are aspiring to work here. He reminisced that when he graudated from IIMB thirty years ago and entered the economy, the opportunities before him were not even a fraction of what each of the students present had before him. He pointed out that these students were the privileged ones to be part of this new and fascinating India. "A new brave world lies ahead of you. For that we have to be fearless and take on the world," were his motivating words. The CMD of Reliance Group, Mukesh Ambani eulogized Indias space and technology endeavors. Quoting Indias first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, he said, The future belongs to science and to those who make friends with science. He spoke extensively on how the countrys space and technology endeavors played the catalyst in bringing about rapid change in all spheres of life. He raved about how at a budget that was barely 3% of NASAs, India is the role model to the world in space applications it is one of six countries with the capability to make satellites and launch them from its own soil; one of four that demonstrated capability for re-entry of spacecraft from space and the facilitator for a major discovery of water molecules and water ice on the lunar surface. He re.mended that the priority of space-based applications should be to contribute towards the national endeavours in food and water security, weather and climate, environment and ecosystem, education and health care, skill development, rural .munication, infrastructure development, disaster management support, smart governance, sustainable development and related national imperatives. Furthermore, they should be.e part of the value chain of the user .munity. Entering the arena of .mercial quality and efficiency, Reliance Group Chairman affirmed that the ability to adopt low carbon operations as well as sustainable business practices will be one of the key determinants for successful businesses in .ing years. In conclusion, Mukesh Ambani encouraged the students to dream and ideate. He advised them to always keep the economic dimension of time in sight while making decisions and inculcate a spirit of leadership. He advised them to develop strength of character above all else and contribute to uplift the society they live in while they move up the ladder of corporate success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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