Nanning Metro Line 1 test run station only 50 minutes to Shi Bu kisstudou

Nanning Metro Line 1 test run station only 50 minutes to Shibu Nanning evening news (reporter Wang Zhipeng) yesterday, Nanning Metro Line 1 West operation comprehensive emergency drills, journalists have the opportunity to take a train complete experience of Metro Line 1 (Shibu station to Macun station). Between the western part of each of the two station driving time is about 2 ~ 3 minutes, test run during each station stop time was 15 seconds, from station to station Shi Bu Ma Village for about 35 minutes. The western part of test run, the Metro staff did not slack off, and then set the vehicle to meet reporter Lai Youguang photo Metro Line 1 line 25 stations in the east station, has been put into trial operation (south station to East Railway Station) a total of 10 sites, while the western from Macun station to station 15 stations Shibu have entered the decoration the outstanding work, also in the debugging station escalator. At 7:56 in the morning, the reporter came to the station in South Lake Ma Village Station, then began to feel the No. 1 subway line west test run speed. The subway train quickly smoothly drove West, 2 minutes arrived in people square station. Station bright and spacious waiting hall has been completed, and the eastern section of each site, the top design is full of charm of zhuang. The train stopped for 15 seconds and set off for the next site. 8 hours 04 minutes by subway station at Xinmin Road Chaoyang Square Station, this site is located at a depth of 32.18 meters (equivalent to 11 storeys) double station design for underground 4 layer stacked double island station, design the most complicated structure, so the construction progress is relatively slow. In the future, people can realize the transfer of the subway line 2. The subway line 1 train station renovation is nearing completion, the site can also be transferred to line 2. 8 09 train traveling to the white Cangling, 8:12 train reached the station of Guangxi University…… The 8:31 train into the station, end point Shibu Nanning Metro Line No. 1 West, there has been the completion of renovation, site personnel are on duty on duty, equipment has been installed in place. According to reports, the Nanning Metro Line 1 is in the test run stage, is expected to the East Railway Station to station Shibu takes about 50 minutes. Test and evaluation of usability, safety and reliability of the system and the whole system of the subway station are carried out by the non load test run. West station links to Nanning Metro Line 1 is as follows: Shi Bu and South Polytechnic, Pengfei Road, XiXiangTang passenger station, National University, Qingchuan, zoo, Luban Road, Guangxi University, white Cangling, train station, Chaoyang Square, Xinmin Road, national Plaza, Ma village.相关的主题文章:

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