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Data analysis: the Orangemen in Shenyang lost 2 points to win the battle of Iran [] home court of Iran national football team 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei missed pole reporter Ma Dexing Shenyang reported 0 0 draw with the group of the strongest, this may be an acceptable result. But from the overall point of view, the strategic point of view, this time in Shenyang is actually lost 2 points. Right now, maybe not too many problems, but with the development of the situation, perhaps because of this lost 2 points and become a fatal injury". Fear of losing points at home into the passive state foot slightly conservative? It should be admitted that the overall strength of the Iran team is stronger than the foot of the country, or the Iran team will not take up the first place in the FIFA team in Asia for a long time, will not become the team’s seed team. However, after the Chinese team to participate in the 12 games! To participate in the 12 round of the goal is to strive for qualifying, into russia! To qualify, you must get. How to get? Is to make full use of the home, and as far as possible to get enough points at home. In this way, to maintain the competitiveness of the whole group. On the situation of a team of 6 teams, if you want to qualify for the country, you need to get at least 16 points to 17 points, in order to go to the top of the competition to get a score of 14 or less in order to compete in the group of third. In this case, if the home as much as possible to get enough points, the situation is relatively easy to get a lot. However, now the country foot home court lost 2 points after 4 games in the home court, even if the rest of the victory, only 13 points, he must at least want to qualify to win at a field, or even two, the difficulty is obviously increased. In this regard, we can recall the Orangemen in 40 game performance, key to the country foot into despair, will never win the match in Shenzhen against Hongkong’s home court, home court lost 2 points. If you get the 2 points, the country will not become so passive foot. On the contrary, we can look at the Iran team, coach Carlos is actually a "veteran", this is a measured grasp. In the previous 40 games, the Iran team’s record is 6 wins and 2 draws. However, the two draws is in the road, against the Turkmen team is 1 to 1, 1 or more than 1 match against Oman. However, in the home court game, the Iran team won the victory. As for the weaker against the Guam team and India team, and averaged a double play. In the first round of the game, the Iran team has won the most crucial game, is 2 to 0 beat Qatar, which also let the Iran team in the hearts of more. Because in the last World Cup, the Iran team in the home court to 0 draw against Qatar team. Because of the reason as everyone knows, Qatar’s wanted in the World Cup qualifier to qualify, so Carlos has been the Qatar and South Korea popular queue for the group, his opponent, equals the relative initiative. So, this time came to Shenyang, although Iran people want to be able to take 3 points, but in fact to get the 1 points, they are fully acceptable. If we grasp the other side of this mentality, perhaps we will be in the game before the strategic deployment of another strategy. Defensive strategy.相关的主题文章:

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