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National health delivery quasi documentary, let dad no longer worry Sohu since maternal childbirth pregnant wife, I am playing the spirit of twelve, I have to accompany from daily meals to check every time, because I don’t want to miss the wife during pregnancy time, every little bit we face together." A waiting room, such as the results of the examination of the father said. Pregnant in October, who do you think pay more? I believe many people will answer: "of course is pregnant mothers, they gave up the beautiful fashion, give up the maintenance of skin care products, give up too much," but think back to fathers, their pay is not better than pregnant mothers little, they were afraid they feel uncomfortable, sleepy wife they worry about the baby and adult health, afraid to miss a pregnancy test, they worry that his wife could not eat, every dish will take a long time, see here, is not the feeling of our fathers is also very great. In October, to 32 praise for Dad! You love what to eat, I do; every time your pregnancy test, I accompany you; your legs are not comfortable, I help you rub and so on some things, for from the kitchen, trivial life are troublesome during the expectant father, his wife was pregnant ten a month, can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade to the hall and the kitchen, home of the big or small are a person by his commitment, his wife is only responsible for safe child care, to meet the baby’s arrival. In fact, the father to do every little bit, we can see that they change to his wife more love, more responsible for the family, there are more requirements on their own, perhaps this is the evolution of a mature man. Birth, Father also occasionally Mongolia! For pregnancy is pregnant mother, in addition to the excitement is afraid, the baby is excited to meet with you, afraid of not knowing what time the baby started, in addition to pregnant mothers will have such a complex psychological, quasi dad will also have small. The guy coming earlier, let anything can deal with the handy father didn’t know what to use, do not know how to do a baby, do not know how to encourage his wife during childbirth pain and so on, a series of don’t know, let father become fameng. In order to allow pregnant mothers to be able to smooth delivery, the state of health sent a special crew, through the image, a solution to the hearts of all prospective father in doubt, to become a qualified father. (this will meet with you) special statement: 1, the delivery room of the shooting, all the equipment and staff through strict disinfection procedures, the use of night shooting delivery room free time, after shooting the delivery room again for disinfection cleaning, to prevent any possible safety hazards. 2, the film starring as guest actor, rather than in the health of customers, health time protection of customer privacy, absolutely not allowed in any form, without my family and allow recording.相关的主题文章:

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