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Beauty CES’T LA VIE at Bandra presented a whole new lifestyle experience in Mumbai for those who are looking for more options in recreation, leisure and wellness activities. Last Sunday, Basab and Annu Paul introduced the Swimsong Sunday Brunch, an ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday. Martinis at the poolside deck, foot reflexology massages, a dip in the (tented) pool followed by a lavish brunch at the gorgeous Sky Bar while the music helped one unwind. After your invigorating swim, you can eat from a wide selection of Mediterranean and Western food and a drink from a selection of exotic martini sand beer! Also try the Mushroom Capuccino, Prawn Bisque, Rocket and Cottage Cheese Salad, Red Snapper in Lemon Butter Sauce, Prawn and Saffron Rissotto, Grilled Cheese Stakes, Moussaka. End your meal with something sweet from the Brunch Menu- Lemon cheese cake, Tiramisu, Baked Yogurt, and Creme Brule. Some of the guets who attended included Mukul Deora, Kanta Motwane, Yasmin Karachiwala, Sameer Malhotra, Binal and Pia Trivedi, Viveka Bababji, Kanwal jeet, Nitan Kalwani, Uday Benegal; etc. The artist who were seen explaining thier artistic creativity to the media and the artistic lovers were Anant Mishra, Arun Chatterji, Arunesh Dogra, Avishek Sen, Daina Mohapatra, Dhiraj Singh, Gagan Singh, Jenson Anto, Jyoti Ranjan Jena, Megha Joshi, Meghansh Thapa, Mukesh Sharma, Pradosh Swain, Pratibha Singh, Rajarshi Smart, Raj Kumar Mohanti, Rana Debnath, Ratna Gandhi, Rituu Kamath, Dr. Sanjay Sahai, Sanjay Sundram, Satadru Sovan, Shafi Qureshi, Sher Singh and Sushil Goswami. "A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not an art. The central theme of this program is basically Connaught Place (CP) which was a relatively new city centre created by colonial town planners in 1911 when the capital of British India was shifted to Delhi from Calcutta. The day New Delhi and CP were .pleted, all the power and a huge slice of dynamism flowed out of Old Delhi into the new colonial capital. By the early 2000’s shopkeepers in CP were sad by the decline in the quality of their market but the arrival of the metro in CP suddenly injected a whole new energy into CP" explained Dhiraj Singh. "The CPTWNP Art Program aims to redefine and recharge CP as a living, learning epicentre of the artistic possibilities inherent in the WHY NOT? idea, that has the potential to revitalize any place, anything, Anyone" he added. Another artist, Gagan Singh’s art has always been about deeply felt personal takes on the kind of quirky nexus of history and the present days. For Why Not Place, the artist began by soaking himself in the grammar of the architecture of Raj Rewal. He also discovered along the way, some of the terrible architecture strewn around CP. Jenson Anto brought the onward journey on an unpredictable road which can be called as life-affirming approach through his art. Inspired by The Why Not Place theme, Jyoti Ranjan Jena embarked on a series of visual ideas which he serially set down on canvas at lightning speed. As her first task, Megha Joshi set up a plan for a large sculptural piece made entirely of milk bottles from the Keventer"s Dairy. The .pleted works of the artists is on display from 8th of August ’09 to 23rd August ’09, 7 p.m. onwards at Religare arts. i. Go and enjoy this cool place that will warm up your soul. Other celebrities who attended the event were Hollywood Actress Rekha Sharma of Battle star Galactica, Hollywood Actor Marco Khan of 10,000 BC and Iron Man, Producer/Director Harry Baweja of Love Story 2050, Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat, Celebrity Trainer Rehan Jalali, Miss India America 2008 Ridhi Patel, Producer Brad Lister man of My Faraway Bride, Miss South Asia 2008 Gunjan Nanda, and many others. The evening was also about promoting Jagriti Charity, founded by Kamlesh Chauhan, which is a non-profit .anization dedicated to empowering South Asian women and youth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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