Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen staged duel blade front flavor 3 second Kung Fu

Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen staged duel "blade front flavor 3" second Kung Fu Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen who can practice with the knife and Donnie Yen PK knife? On Saturday night, the twelve Feng taste in the 3 will usher in a Nicholas Tse and the knife work war in the World War II, the war between the two sides of the road will be a "war". Two people in the program will be forged out of their sword, from a PK to deep mountains and forests sushi, knife light flashing gluttonous become namely, who can win? The knife fell, a tomato in the air is cut"…… Don’t think you see in the stunt, this is actually Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen in the mountains of Kyoto "knife" war. In the name of the knife, Nicholas Tse Donnie Yen each hand forging, lettering, create your own sword "". In order to test the knife, two people nearby in the mountains launched a "knife" war. Over the years, deep research cooking, Nicholas Tse cut the fruit to understand the feeling of the. I saw him gently throwing a fruit, immediately brandished a knife and cut to the fruit immediately in the air is One divides into two. handsome freely flowing style of writing. So hard work for many years, also called by Nicholas Tse "the weapon for the most handsome man" Donnie Yen? I saw him plainly laid out with Nicholas Tse the same gestures. So nothing new? However, after a knife light, is actually a beverage bottle of fruit One divides into two. below, moves the kung fu master of bizarre and unpredictable moment let Nicholas Tse show the white feather. But to the sushi shop, Nicholas Tse is full of confidence. Two people learn scales, sushi chefs under the guidance of the fish, used to see the real thing Donnie Yen in the face of soft bream was clearly not suited, however, the real martial arts natural use, after a slight adjustment Donnie Yen soon mastered the knack of the final product to the naked eye and Nicholas Tse in about the same. Only make sushi chef to judge. What the teacher will feel sushi who works better? The two "PK knife" and how to open up a fresh outlook? Please lock this Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV twelve Feng taste of the 3, the answer for you on time!  相关的主题文章:

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