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Not afraid of the face, the lack of high-quality small meat – Zhejiang channel — original title: not afraid of the face, the lack of high-quality small meat today (October 14th), 2016 China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival opened the curtain in Changsha, disappeared for a long time Zhang Jingchu will attend the opening ceremony will be late. But one of her recent role was Iqiyi independent broadcast network drama "the beloved" painting arena in supporting "empress" — the broken wall in dimension, let the fans stunned. The cartoon adaptation of the net play, broadcast the first season (12 episodes), the volume has exceeded 370 million. The drama starring Zheng Yecheng, just graduated from the Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera with a professional opera, "smiled very little" won the "senior beauty" of the title, but more because of the large IP network drama group "," male god deacon "rebirth of the celebrity superstar", and has accumulated about 2000000 micro-blog fans. Lu Feng, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications? DJ junior, yesterday just finished filming in Zhoushan drama. Because in the recent hit network drama "Assassin biography", lived a handsome "crying", and have their own fanclub. He almost all the spare time for filming and publicity, all in 2015, never before imagined. As an entertainment reporter, I started from the end of last year, every day is the circle of friends, the brokerage companies and production companies are calling out "meat actor to refresh the mailbox, but also a variety of new on-line network play the role of calm makeup — in uniform are the face. Create a network drama "Princess promotion" Le Yang television, local television "Predators" Huace group, in the new release plan, increase the input of network drama, but consistent shout "hungry": high quality small meat more and more difficult to find, for good seedling shoot network drama, big home in rush. The birth of network drama hit too many "overnight explosion of red in Zhejiang, like Lu? Peak such a new generation of meat" there are a lot of actors. For example, the other boys in a music class, the schedule is the record of the crew, but he did not want to disclose his name: "I am not a good mix of students." Indeed, in the early 1/3 classmate net, they are not anxious how to find a job after graduation, more concern is what time to play "blast", what time can take on the TV drama platform. During the National Day holiday, the reporter went to the Nanjing International Animation Exhibition in the "Assassin biography" meeting, this is a not an actress network drama, 10 small meat propped up all the traffic. The same day, there are 7 stars at the scene, in addition to the crown princess was in a "promotion" in the "strong man" Peng Yuchang, the other 6 are unfamiliar faces. However, the stage was fans crowded around, I do not squeeze into, and finally the staff brought me back. A popular web series, a new overnight explosion of red, a variety of development opportunities, the long tail effect fade — such examples, this It is often seen., the most representative is "Princess promotion", the fire Hangzhou 90 non Coban actor Sheng Yilun. After him, Xu Weizhou, Huang Jingyu, and so on, are engraved with this routine: millions of micro-blog fans"相关的主题文章:

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