Notes harden popularity is high He’s been treated like this (video)

Notes: harden popularity is high? Reporters are treated like his beard high popularity? Harden was surrounded by reporters Tencent sports news October 9th (reporter Zheng Jiangfeng) Harden was still on the pitch and his teammates easily chat, occasionally thrown several baskets, media reporters outside the stadium has been simmering. The NBA staff has just announced, will stand at the side of harden in a few minutes after the media interviews. The voice that is falling, a large number of media reporters to interview began to harden into place. Harden was containment reporters came to harden. "Hey, don’t push me back, I can’t stand anymore." "Dude, hand trouble is a little lower, blocking the camera lens……" "Behind the media teachers pay attention to safety, do not stand on the stool shooting." Every periphery reporters to hear harden in what to say, looking in vain for the crowd may void to drill, and the inside of the reporter is relatively easy, they seize the favorable terrain, and only need to focus in front of the star, even if they want to go out at the moment are impossible. Microphone line winding wire headset, headset line may also around next to the reporter neck, but you don’t care so much, try to maintain a most relaxed posture shaoanwuzao, please keep this position for five minutes. China before the annual star interview, is a test of the press speed, endurance, alertness, of course, for holding a heavy camera photographer, strength and resistance to extrusion is an indispensable skill. When harden left, reporters began to gradually dispersed. Carry the camera colleagues first thing is to find a seat to rest, and the reporters are rushed to began to listen to the recording notebook before others to observe, to find the next "". Of course, not all players in the interview can appear such a hot scene, more players are accepted by twos and threes an interview with a reporter at the side of the pitch, and even a "deserted doors", No one shows any interest in the player. In order to avoid such embarrassment, this year’s interview did not let the freedom of the media player running on the pitch, but by their first mention of reporters interviewed demand, when demand reaches a certain quantity, the players come meet with reporters.相关的主题文章:

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