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October 1st 60 years of age to play mahjong all detained? The police rumor — people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn now is the National Day holiday, people invite friends and family to travel, some people plan to take a few days playing mahjong. Yesterday, Mr. Huang readers call Chongqing Evening News Hotline 966988 24 hours to reflect, he saw a news on the Internet: since October 1st, all mahjong will be punished, playing mahjong are to be severely punished. In this regard, the Chongqing evening news reporter to investigate. This is done with an air of importance news yesterday afternoon, Mr. Huang told the Chongqing evening news reporter sent me a note "love to play mahjong friends! WeChat, the public began to check "from the new regulations in October 1st:" since May 1st, the new regulations to check, all mahjong will be punished (including the district), all under the age of 60 will be arrested, detained for 5 days, a fine of 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan; enjoy national subsistence allowances, grain farmers receive each year once found, lifelong cancel cancel the qualification of civil servants; civil servants, hope we tell each other." In addition, there are also marked "news 30 points", "news broadcast" and other CCTV media LOGO. Chongqing evening news reporter noted that the public has a large area of advertising popups, public number related pages requires the reader to pay attention to. Reporters with this title in the online search found that in 2014, some of the media on the Internet to forward this message, mostly in holidays. Some people think that is to persuade people not to gamble lives Jiulongpo Yangjiaping Wang Popo said, in addition to the rainy day, she almost every day to go to a nearby mahjong mahjong for several hours, she kind of retired elderly people playing mahjong, more is a kind of entertainment, but also to meet old friends, active brain, so she doesn’t believe the mahjong is a pole killing. The 26 year old, in the financial industry, Mr. Kang said, he often play mahjong, bet large, bad luck, lose the living expenses are very tight, now he has to raise a lot of gambling, the feeling of life. Therefore, he felt that regardless of whether the news is true or false, is to persuade everyone to play mahjong, not gambling. So, even if it was a fake, he thought it was a white lie. The police don’t believe: network rumors yesterday afternoon, the reporter consulted the Jiulongpo police official. He explained that the police are investigating violations of laws and regulations, suspected gambling, entertainment and leisure class mahjong will not be investigated. Recently, I have not heard of the higher authorities issued a notice to investigate the city mahjong, I hope you do not rely on Internet rumors. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章:

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