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On September inventory: 20 word summary of secretary took office January focus on Inventory: September 20 word summary of the focus of the secretary took office in January

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on Inventory: 20 words sum up the focus of

secretary took over in January

8 28, Du cents comrade was officially appointed as secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, today (September 30th), took office just 02 days a month. In this month, Du Jia Secretary of the main emphasis on what issues, and what are the main feedback comments? On September net inventory is on the five key words – "city state transition" and "absolute loyalty" and "poverty alleviation" United Front "consensus" "Xiang drama Jin Jing" to sort out the clues.


[City State General

[news: September 9th, Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du Jiahao chaired the city committee secretary of the forum, informed the preceding work, to co-ordinate arrangements for the next phase of work. Du cents stressed the need to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series especially important instructions concerning the general work of the spirit, earnestly implement the general work of the first responsibility of the persons, strictly in accordance with the law to follow the rules, increase the general atmosphere of supervision, to ensure that general a smooth, delicate gas is to ensure that the work of the province, effective and orderly wenzhongqiujin.

[speech "to ensure that general successfully, is the first political task of the current. To change the focus, the main melody of guide to the development and planning for the future, adhere to a blueprint dry in the end, a stick and then a dry stick, and strive to create a new situation in the cause of reform and development." – Du family of

[point of view, the "nine forbidden" and "all the nine" and other disciplines and rules in the front, with iron regulation iron discipline to escort the general work. The relevant personnel, especially leading cadres, should the central and provincial Party Committee on the change of a series of documents and relevant laws and regulations and policy requirements to understand thoroughly, grasp the policy measure, to consciously resist the efforts to create unwholesome tendencies, refreshing cool gay relationships, well behaved relationships and clean friends. – "delicate gas is to select a good team for a good state"

a smooth team, should be a harmonious atmosphere, active thinking, encourage innovation team. In general, some cadres may because of various reasons, resulting in a "disastrous" sense of frustration, and even complain discontent to the organization. These emotions to be straightened out in time, otherwise it will have a negative impact on future work. Municipal Party committee leadership team as the backbone of the leading cadres of Hunan, not only in the general election to do gas Shun model, but also in the daily work to do "gas"


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