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On the construction of the province’s joint credit discipline pattern against the "Laolai" – Guizhou Channel – people.com.cn Heilongjiang original title: Construction of the whole province, the joint credit discipline pattern against the "Laolai" press conference in Heilongjiang province. Zhu Danyu photo people.com.cn October 13 Harbin Xinhua (Wang Xiaotao) October 13th, reporters from the Heilongjiang Provincial Higher People’s court held a press conference was informed that since 2016, the implementation of the linkage unit in Heilongjiang province to accelerate the inclusion of the court "dishonesty blacklist" of the debtor to implement joint disciplinary. Since October 2016, the Heilongjiang provincial high court will carry out credit disciplinary cooperation with nearly 50 executive units in Heilongjiang province to accelerate the construction of the joint credit and punishment system in the whole province. The conference also notified 10 typical cases of cracking down on dishonesty in Heilongjiang courts. It is learnt that the higher people’s Court of Heilongjiang province has accelerated the construction of joint credit punishment for the debtor who has lost faith. In May 2016, the Heilongjiang Provincial High Court and the Provincial Department of land and resources, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development jointly issued a document to accelerate the implementation of "peer to peer" network implementation of the check and control system and the implementation of joint punishment for the debtor who was dishonest. Up to now, 16 intermediate courts in Heilongjiang province have been set up with local real estate management departments through special line to realize the function of network inquiry. To the early October 2016, the Heilongjiang provincial civil affairs, and has Industrial and Commercial Bureau, office, office, Bank of Harbin Province integrity, sesame credit management company 15 units officially signed a memorandum of cooperation in the establishment of credit punishment mechanism, within the scope of the Joint Disciplinary pattern formation. According to Hou Tienan, executive director of the Executive Board of the Heilongjiang Provincial Higher People’s court, as of September 2016, the courts at all levels in Heilongjiang entered the number of people who had failed to execute their names, reaching 167 thousand people, and the number of entries was quadrupled by the same period of last year. To achieve the "will be included in the list of dishonest debtor debtor into 100%" targets, according to the law of the debtor promises to take a series of credit disciplinary measures, by the end of September, the province’s court, railway by CNAC letter 12306 platform and the Provincial Public Security Frontier Corps is the restriction of the debtor promises to buy a plane ticket 96045 times 5416 people, 14080 train 5466 people, restricting the exit of more than 600 people, the province’s industrial and commercial administrative management department of the debtor and the implementation of the market access qualifications limit 1045 times, more than 1.3 people due to disciplinary and actively fulfill their legal obligations, there are 1 members of the National People’s Congress was removed from the representative qualification. From 2016 1 to August, the Heilongjiang provincial court rulings 48944 enforcement cases, compared to the same period last year rose 53.3%. The next step, the Heilongjiang provincial high court will through newspapers, television, network, micro-blog, WeChat, LED and other types of large screen media regularly publish the list of dishonest debtor, the publicity of enforcement work achievements, and through the "credit Heilongjiang net" the dishonesty list data is automatically pushed to the Joint Disciplinary departments, formed to combat Laolai "skynet". (TU min, Chen Kangqing: commissioning editor)

黑龙江省构建全省上下联合信用惩戒大格局打击“老赖”–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:黑龙江省构建全省上下联合信用惩戒大格局打击“老赖” 新闻发布会现场。 朱丹钰 摄 人民网哈尔滨10月13日电(汪晓涛)10月13日,记者从黑龙江省高级人民法院召开的新闻发布会上获悉,2016年以来,黑龙江省各执行联动单位加快推进对列入法院“失信黑名单”的被执行人实施联合惩戒。自2016年10月开始,黑龙江省高院将与黑龙江省近50个执行联动单位陆续开展信用惩戒合作,加速构建全省上下联合信用惩戒的大格局。发布会还通报了黑龙江省法院打击失信违法行为10起典型案例。 据悉,黑龙江省高级人民法院加速推进失信被执行人联合信用惩戒建设。2016年5月,黑龙江省高院与省国土资源厅、省住房和城乡建设厅联合发文,加快推进“点对点”网络执行查控系统和对失信被执行人实施联合惩戒。 截至目前,黑龙江省16个中级法院全部与当地不动产管理部门通过专线搭建,实现了网络查询功能。至2016年10月初,黑龙江省高院先后与省工商局、省民政厅、省诚信办、哈尔滨银行、芝麻信用管理有限公司等15家单位正式签订了建立信用惩戒机制的合作备忘录,全省范围内的联合惩戒大格局基本形成。 据黑龙江省高级人民法院执行局局长侯铁男介绍,截止到2016年9月,黑龙江省各级法院录入失信被执行人名单达16.7万人次,录入数量同比上年翻两番。实现了“将应纳入失信被执行人名单的被执行人100%纳入”的工作目标,依法对失信被执行人采取一系列信用惩戒措施,截止9月底,全省法院通过中航信、铁路12306平台及省公安边防总队共限制失信被执行人购买飞机票96045次 5416人、列车软卧14080次 5466人,限制出境600余人次,通过全省工商行政管理部门对失信被执行人实施市场准入和任职资格限制1045次,有1.3万余人因受到惩戒而主动履行法律义务,有1名人大代表被免去代表资格。 2016年1至8月,黑龙江省法院执结执行案件48944件,同比去年上升53.3%。下一步,黑龙江省高院将通过报纸、电视、网络、微博、微信、LED大屏幕等各类媒体定期公布失信被执行人名单,宣传执行工作的成果,并将通过“信用黑龙江网”把失信名单数据自动推送到各联合惩戒部门,形成打击老赖的“天网”。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章:

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