One week news hit the game player embarrassed apology by March is also afraid of money ring wave

One week news: hit the game player embarrassed apology by March is also afraid of ring wave money [Sina game Zhuangao, unauthorized reprint] fight in the game in the first line of the buddies is adorable well, but also to a week Jiongwen time. Recently, the editorial department of the small partners are returning to indulge in Yamaguchi, and look at them every day to discuss what the orange loaded, control Jun just want to say: no orange orange! If you don’t say much, quick and small make up to see what wonderful news happened this week! (Editor: WB) [generation called to apologize if it is by March is not enough to spend money as a dozen things] Yi generation has been gradually fading out of sight all the friends of the water, after all, every day in the live circle staged drama, no longer live hero alliance with evaporation not what a pleasant difference. Do not say to go to Brazil to engage in live broadcast, even if it is running into outer space, it is estimated to be of no avail. Us actress A Yi A Yi after seeing his micro-blog is black powder reply not 000, know that this continues to break off, so after a lapse of three months, then video chat show, in an interview, an acting. At the beginning of the interview, A Yi slightly aggrieved said: long time no see, I miss you." Yes, three months did not live, and there is no king of the Lord to send a rocket, and eat a problem, of course, think back to the king who greatly. A Yi also said he is now a quiet day to play the game, also no longer be friends with water and air. Yes, actors and actress are in need of cooperation, no fans in front of the screen to interact with you, this one-man show you show to whom? After aunt asked why did not participate in the betta carnival, a pleasant saying he did not dare to face the audience, so only solved by the way of escape. A Yi also frankly he thought he can withstand the pressure, but in the online public anger has denounced himself very frightened, even worried that his family would therefore be implicated, which for himself a 20 something girl alone cannot carry down! Ah Yi frankly he did not dare to face the audience, it can only be solved by way of escape. A Yi said you would wonder control, public outrage is not because of your own behavior generation actress playing? When no hitter insist that their anger is not just when users feel afraid? What is your fear now over? Still think netizens are mob, think your speech is sprayed out of thin air? This is worth thinking about friends! But when it comes to fans, ah Yi directly collapse crying, said very sorry sobs who support their own tolerance of iron, in this kind of thing and still maintain their own but never dared to stand up and say sorry! To tell the truth, in the eyes of this time to see the play of the king’s mind is trapped. Because our film itself looks ugly, this cry not to mention…… But the actress really developed, this show is really crying neither hypocritical nor pretentious. Than the 18 line of Liu Zichen do not know where to go. The choked bedding in front, middle and small outbreaks, late convulsions, a.相关的主题文章:

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