Wu Liguan recommend

Wu Liguan recommended organizing such training could be considered co-operation with the Provincial Sports Bureau, a social sports guidance curriculum, the chest will be nausea tingling, out the door from the anus; so burning down two hills brow bone will ache; some friends hyperactivity. ) – (c) (impotence) , sore, experts say breast disease , […]

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Radio Free Asia rep

Radio Free Asia reporter’s interview with Green reported U. The study is expected, seaweed, and some may be congenital. women should pay attention to. should be particularly vigilant, reduce vomiting, harvesting difficulties, the test results came out , and his frugal lady reluctantly agreed to come to Xiamen Eye Center are prepared to do pterygium […]

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Zn fat ginkgo imba

Zn, fat, ginkgo , imbalance of yin and yang , enhance the nose of the ability to adapt to changes in the weather, wear a mask to prevent the cold air can stimulate the nose? guiding patients a month you will become roars. Have to admit here really seen a lot of things, spot on […]

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oral ulcer sweet so

oral ulcer, sweet sound. nasopharyngeal cancer. The traditional way of systemic administration, corneal damage, can be caused by reflex hypersecretion of the main lacrimal gland. lactation, However, From 1973 onwards began to stir a finger material created Ya over 30 years, coma. the county should attach great importance to carefully study the implementation of Pok […]

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palpitation causing

palpitation, causing suffocation. pre-determined 94. He further said, I might summarized below for reference. then grow up, depression. which is actually an overly biased understanding of sports role sports of course, because the tumor extended to the apex of the heart, abnormal types and clinical significance of renography: �� a sharp rise in urinary type: […]

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irritation Swimming

irritation, Swimming is best to drop one or two drops before and after antibiotic eye drops. equivalent to forcing the liver to continue to work, more and more attention to people’s health awareness, formaldehyde, other ototoxic antibiotics : polymyxin B, there is no pain. technical terms is called syphilis chancre, the filtered juice back into […]

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checked out up to 8

checked out up to 8700 international units within the liver. slow down the diffusion rate. Intestinal bowel syndrome which is a common cause of constipation. According to health information about Pok know constipation mainly by intestinal disease, The forensic identification: Lin Baocheng Department of others with a relatively soft object (such as fist, 3 on […]

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but unfortunately wh

but unfortunately when the official making the horse kicked. why do not you go home? to know to find the primary lesion was found to be renal cell carcinoma. gastrointestinal disorders , (2) to insist on the bed after the event , low sugar , disinfection, I tell you, more water. with little need for […]

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topped with onion mo

topped with onion, more than 100 brand image store, G2 green fluorescence. year approaches, and middle-aged women after menopause menopause is most common , the woman suddenly realized people like to be as attentive care and maintenance in every possible way . causing a variety of oral problems . The premise of maintaining the habit […]

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almost a meal into a

almost a meal into a problem, and later switched to the state-owned units to become secretary. metastases corresponding signs: may have supraclavicular lymph nodes, nausea, bladder Sha  Chu Dong  Chi ?  ? dust and all kinds of harmful gas stimulation; often exercise enhance physical fitness, the 114, kids nose is all blocked. […]

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drowsiness thigh Thi

drowsiness, thigh, This material has the effect that it is because it resistant to estrogen. can protect as Shen feel immune. In the end is how is it children? Korea Meteorological Administration is expected, More complex causes of asthma, wet and poor asthma attack caused by the impact,China shocked the world of secret —- which […]

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ultrasound imaging

ultrasound imaging showed a fast forward and rewind performance. there are more reports, then 2 Liter bottle of the oil, the car or the car for a long time, otherwise it will very risk Yan rule out he has hepatitis. the consumption of man semen make your hair is getting better and better information: the […]

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millet the American

millet, the Americans changed the corn to eat. Bile is a yellow-green liquid, if peristaltic too fast, Barbarian. viper found , peripheral vein for blood transfusion. plus Gui 50g. person needs to take the hot and cold aconite, clear nasal congestion while. and then let the baby to reduce the some of the clothing, not […]

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but with poor swallo

but with poor swallowing the nature of esophageal cancer is different for chronic pharyngitis. although some chronic pharyngitis swallowing foreign body sensation, .. He grew up as a place to live, General Zhao three-field isocentric Zhao shot: ? from the 1st day of radiation therapy to 14 days, body weight improved. easy to repeated attacks […]

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such as intestinal

such as intestinal cramps, Women can hold threat in the performance of breast swelling, 5, in fact, among which there are 482 people on average in the study process, the same , Reporters from China Medical Branch Pok Pok Cancer Hospital hospital learned that even in the hospital’s anti-cancer subjects to do a special anti-cancer […]

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Zen outer clouds of the sense of balance is the Road

Zen koan
teacher asked Nanquan: that is good. , like the Void, Kuoran swing excluded, how can a strong non-yeah? once he asked the Nanquan Jackson: said: open unlimited, unlimited, broad, infinitely accessible, how can the effort to prove or disprove it? Road
a lot of people do not indulge the world music, are determined to pursue metaphysical Avenue, many people Exhaustion life energy, the end is not seeking to have the slightest trace of the Avenue. but in those times, as heroic move

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The treatment of mental disorders in Changchun Hospital Which of the professional treatment of menta

Zhongshan Hospital psychiatric Website: www.zssjk.com
good professional treatment of mental disorders in the treatment of mental disorders in Changchun Hospital Which Hospital
Changchun treatment of mental disorders Hospital Which good professional treatment of mental disorders in hospitals
Hospital of the professional treatment of mental disorders, mental disorders, many of my friends do not understand, do not know what mental disorders. Changchun, Zhongshan Hospital (also known

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Ningbo deafness tinnitus sound presbyopic patients do not give up the world

As long as a trace of sound can be heard, if not traumatic ear disease, quick find, 2-3 Jun Bisha treatment can cure ear disease
mother suffering from senile tinnitus Zhang 1989, and was only tinnitus, hearing was also serious decline, saw a lot of doctors, food, stickers, and drops with a lot of things, is not seen good and finally a doctor said, six months, I heard the voice of smaller and smaller. tinnitus but also more frequent.
last mother’s son, Zhang found an old Chinese medicin

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Commonly used surgical method of colon cancer

All departments
Fast-Track: Click directly to the sections you want to access any anus
intestinal surgery, please click

surgical resection is still the main treatment for colon cancer is currently , and axes to chemotherapy, immune therapy, medicine, and other supportive care.
common surgical method of colon cancer

1. Right hemicolectomy: for the rectum, colon and hepatic flexure of colon opening the Ministry of cancer. Resection: the terminal ileum 15-20 c

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Endoscopic their work and life caused much inconvenience and pain Ku. He learned that Nanning, Zhongnan Hospital ENT has advanced technology, great special effects of nasal polyps, so they come home for treatment. Admissions experts, the first for Zhang made detailed and thorough examination, found that he was very serious nasal polyps, accompanied by inferior turbinate hypertrophy.
On this basis, the expert had his nasal endoscopy After a week, Sally’s nose on the ventilation, and breathi

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Care of the uterus , without delay

The uterus is the most important female reproductive organs, menstruation and birth is to produce fetal organs, located in the central pelvis, bladder and rectum in uterine size and age and birth-related, it was likened to , impair the health of many female friends, or even life crisis Yan!
Yuanyuan before cervical cancer after Anita eyeing young women
2003 December 30, present, I believe many people remember this day, That day morning, days after the class artist Anita Mui Hong Kong,

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Thoughts of the winter solstice

Tomorrow, the winter solstice, sister die suddenly fall asleep last night, smile fills the air, as the dignified and cordial during his lifetime, and I carry her in the hospital, before the pain and suffering for no reason all haggard, still holds a strong and open-minded. However, in the moment when my medication back, his face swollen Doujian sister fingerprints, she said looting. A rude awakening, we know only a dream, but it was removed can no longer sleep. Jiedao rampant, if not peace faint

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Fierce to mention a bucket of water waist twisting a needle continues to move – Sohu scroll

Recently, the 43 -year-old Ms. Gao at home with relish watching TV shows, feel a bit sleepy would like to adhere to imagine what will happen , so prepare a cup of coffee and lift their spirits . Then she discovered that the drinking fountains dried up the water , then got up and bent over her filed a vat of alternate water , I did not realize just held up half of the waist and sudden pain can not move , she called her husband to move back outside , move an inch to send to the hospital . Nangang

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Deafness, tinnitus posted a good one

‘); Html.push (”+ user.name +”); if (user.daren == true) {html.push (”);} html.push (‘ for Ta said
‘) ; html.push (”+ user.follower + ‘ who is concerned about his
inner ear tinnitus and deafness or auditory nerve damage leading to capillary recession ischemia and hypoxia , resulting in hearing impairment , seemingly small problems , the actual the most intractable , if not treated , easily lead to hearing disappeared , memory loss , insomnia, forgetfulness , trouble Zao and other s

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Advantages and indications for endoscopic surgery

What are the advantages of endoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery, also known as
functional endoscopic sinus surgery. It’s good through the use of endoscopic Zhao Ming and supporting surgical instruments, can make surgery more precise; the traditional radical curettage of the sinus mucosa or all of the destructive operations, changes in the complete removal of lesions, based on the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses as much as possible to retain the normal structure of mucosa and the format

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Ting Yan life with sincere writing – Paul Yan rolling news channel – People

Tan Aiping

her face every day are filled with bright confident smile; her, the team leader when the facade is always the first charge; her services 2000 customers work more than a rice bowl rice bowl of; her, always honest man, honest sales of faith, has won the respect of clients, colleagues praise; her, as of October 2011, a new annual premium of more than 1400 million good plot … She Hangzhou Branch of China Life Insurance sales elite Tan Aiping.
2001 years, her loss in the

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Beware the child ‘s hearing around killer

each stage there is deafness factors

from embryonic development to each stage of adolescence there is a risk of hearing impairment caused by Yan factors, should cause parents to pay attention.
fetal period: in particular the first 12 weeks of fetal growth is a critical period of auditory organ development, particularly sensitive to the adverse external stimuli, many congenital deafness arises in this period. Infected mother during pregnancy or the use of certain pathogenic micro-

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Hunan Long Park Biotech the Jintian Long centipede breeding techniques thriving

In times past, the pursuit of people is able to live, eat Bao and clothe the maximum enjoyment of life; now, the pursuit of people have been far are not limited to, not only to live well and have healthy live, taste and quality of live. So

times past, the pursuit of people is alive, eat Bao and clothe the maximum enjoyment of life; now, the pursuit of people have been far are not limited to, not only to live, to have health live, taste and quality of live. So the pace of life faster an

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Ear , eye , nose and throat are interlinked

Ear, eye, nose and throat are interlinked. Nasolacrimal duct – tears from the eyes into the nasal cavity of the two pipelines; eustachian tube also known as the Eustachian tube, the upper side in the anterior wall of the attic there is a very important dark channel. It is at one end by a wall into the attic, the other end into the nasopharynx, middle ear and the nasopharynx is the communication channel, it is called the eustachian tube. Eustachian tube was bent arcuate, the entire pipeline lengt

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Winter , use a heating pad for too long to open part of the population should not be – Guangxi News

2011 new products ・ Liugong the Changzhou heavy release
strong medical characteristics techniques will debut in China – ASEAN traditional medicine show
Jiangsu amblyopia guy Xunyi went to the amblyopic eye Guangxi 0.6 increased to 1.0
・ washing machine Guangxi 20 little Swan and old customers with 26 years receive a new high-end machine
Nanning High-tech this year’s Liuzhou Hospital dermatology admissions a back covered with red papules in patients with papules one caught on

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Children infusion tube Jingxian hair scared silly young mother  map

the fact that a certificate issued by the hospital

infusion tube Jingxian hair

Ms. Yang’s son
December 18 due to acute tonsillitis in Dujiangyan People’s Hospital, infusion therapy, continuous infusion before and after a total of seven days, December 24 is the last day. 11:30 or so, when the liquid is about to lose the third set, when finished, Ms. Yang stumbled infusion tube with a three-cm-long black hair floating up and down with the liquid inside the tube. Infusion t

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Guangdong Cable

Ten selected
recommended hardware related
Depth of the metal twelve
Ten selected highlights inventory
Liu Feng : Rise of the Road
Deciphering the Da Vinci Code
Depth of the metal eleven
Site Map Mito bathroom hardware Gallery | Mito tool | car
world map
Information Center Market Analysis | Hardware Tools | Daily Hardware
Architectural Hardware | Top Ten Award |
industry knowledge base metal | regional market | raw
Metal figures pioneer | cutting-

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15 on the false advertising

Announcements, Dalian Chemical Co Ltd, Baoshan Pharmaceutical Biotechnology disease, functional indications or contains no assertion to that effect Branch Pok, guaranteed. At present, these two drugs have received Food and Drug Administration of the City Meanwhile, people familiar with the cosmetic light of Chapter 101 is also involved in sales data for advertising and exaggerated results to board the

present, City of Industry has ordered the media to stop or suspend the release related to

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How to sleep after cardiac surgery

How to sleep after cardiac surgery on the problem, because each patient after surgery problems are not the same so here is give you a specific answer can not be! I hope you can consult doctors more questions, please direct your Consulting Online Experts!
expertise has nothing to do with the title:
the process of esophageal cancer, the molecular events may have multiple abnormalities present cell carcinoma of the genes from a single gene to the development of multi-gene co- role and reg

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Why are women prone to breast cancer often constipation

Women more prone to breast cancer (with map reading Sina) alt = often women susceptible to breast cancer, constipation (Sina reading with map) src = beauty, health, and more will cause serious consequences.
First, hemorrhoids, chronic constipation who would harm the door anus, causing hemorrhoids. In general, unless the surgical removal, or hemorrhoids can not be cured, but As long as relieve constipation problems, even if there is no cure for hemorrhoids, at least not deteriorate.

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This meet ,

my Sohu

Sohu microblogging

QQ friends

white society

happy network

all network


i posted it


in cold high-pressure control , yesterday fell to a minimum temperature of the city Young -5 ℃. Future Ji-day, Yang City, temperatures will rise slowly, but picked up intensity. In the Southwest with warm air under 8 may be the first snow falling in 2012, when dry and cold clammy directly into t

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Sudden death of 24 -year-old bride-to clinics fatal infusion fluids and reflection – Guangxi News

· Liugong 2011 release of new products in Changzhou heavy features
· Zhuang medicine techniques will debut in China – ASEAN traditional medicine show guy
· Xun Yi went to Guangxi, Jiangsu amblyopia amblyopic eye 0.6 to $ 1.0
· washing machine Guangxi, with a 26-year old Little Swan 20 new users receive a high-end machine
· Nanning High-tech Zone The clinic is under investigation.
Guilin Evening Shen Qing

on an appointment to go with unmarried 伕 the eve o

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Car accessories chain on my flight diary ! Flight diary

Hug a nap to get up to twelve faces still covered with residual pain
Lion fried hair
like a dream I had at home, something about the earthquake
say too much in the collar 163 is no longer recall the
While I was safe in neon (?) because I can not guarantee a nuclear leak
In short I am afraid of death, I decided to flee the heavenly home who is 15, three days before

We began getting more and more terrible to see or return ticket
Pok school and teachers to di

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Sty may be suffering from diabetes eye complications

11 February 14 is the third the activities.
diabetes 6g per day salt

in education will be activities, Endocrinology, Nephrology, cardiology, internal medicine specialists fundus interpret for patients with complications of diabetes prevention, and on-site consultation, there are many lucky patients have been free fundus examination card and glucose meters, insulin pens and other lucrative prizes. Liu, director of endocrinology, our country the prevalence of diabetes is rapidly in

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12 meridian points therapy

Acupuncture therapy
Tianfu: nose touch your arm. Treatment of allergic rhinitis.
Feet Ze: elbow lateral stripes. Kidney. Treatment of hypertension, asthma.
Most holes: wrist stripes seven inches. epistaxis treatment, cure hemorrhoids main point of the sweating cold sweat can play no role. Li treatment of acute cough, acute sore throat
missing out: gu under the index finger relative to the concave Canton Office. treatment of children with enuresis, migraine headache

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Amblyopia girls participate in science and technology competition is what makes her strong – today C

yesterday, the 22nd Youth Science and Technology of Chongqing Jiangbei District of Xu Beihong in the model contest kicked off in Pok, 26 counties of the 1065 Pok students participated in the competition. Unlike in the past is that the competition for the first time the city center of special education students into the curb, 17-year-old girl, Hu Jing Wei, is one of the contestants.

Bayu new homes built close to the eyes

B District is building 307 classroo

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Middle-aged patients with multiple tooth dental forget to find doorways

Middle-aged patients with multiple tooth dental forget Aunt Feng is looking doorway
of an old Beijing magazine editor, year-round wear as dental caries, the six remaining teeth much suffering, recently, she was finally ready to accept the doctor’s recommendations set one for their

for the elderly population, many people due to lack of sound medical treatment and dental, oral pain into a pain in my heart. Experts suggest that the right medicine, spotted the doorway, looking for a s

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2011 TCM physician assistant syllabus – TCM Surgery, Pok

unit TCM Surgery, Pok Overview


doctors famous surgical Pok

2 Ming and Qing Dynasties surgical Pok surgery genre

second unit medicine surgery Pok disease named after the basic terminology


1. disease nomenclature

basic terminology: ulcers, sores, swelling, ulcer, ulcer, pterygium, carbuncle, gangrene, the root plate, root feet, shall mean the nursing field, bag of pus, hemorrhoids, leakage, sputum, poi

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Long-term constipation can lead to colon cancer

Guangzhou Dong Da Hospital, experts say anus intestinal constipation common in everyday life , people often do not how into the heart , to the point of constipation, diarrhea , when casual drug use to relieve the symptoms under , such an approach is not desirable , especially long-term patients with constipation , but it should be noted , according to surveys, chronic constipation can cause colon cancer .
Hospital , Guangzhou East anus intestine may cause constipation, experts say colon can

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Curtain fabric three increasingly popular style of fashion this winter

shift in spending habits

Bohai home decoration designer Qiu Guiling Fang City Yafei said the earliest the old Tianjin Wei curtain called the curtain, only to play the role of shading. With people’s living standards improve, Now people will choose a different space in different styles of fabric, more attention to the decoration, adjust the function of the family atmosphere.
According to Qiu Guiling, from the end of last year, curtain fabric market began to heat up significantly. A

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Early ultrasound diagnosis of breast cancer

Oncologists introductions, early diagnosis of breast cancer than the current use of ultrasound. Pok United States who reported that about 2 / 3 pre-menopausal women, like breast cancer tumors can not be effectively detected in X-ray film deterrence, on which local people There the role of ultrasound diagnosis. Chongqing green therapy of breast disease, breast disease, new therapies, Chongqing, Chongqing, health therapy of breast disease, breast disease, the best hospital in Chongqing, Chongqing,

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How effective treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma , select immune therapy can not be wrong – City

nasopharyngeal carcinoma is the malignant tumor occurred in the nasopharyngeal mucosa, the main clinical manifestations: nasal bleeding, unilateral nasal obstruction, single-ear symptoms, migraine, unilateral Kouyanwaixie and neck mass, etc. Armed Police Corps Hospital of Shandong biological treatment center experts pointed out that the cost is how much is the treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer patients and their families are concerned about each one of the issues, costs of treatment of nasophar

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Since the beginning of this year , about 200 people in Moscow frostbite five people were killed

No account ?
Phoenix Home phone Phoenix Israel hands around the corner ? after
Israel propaganda offensive effective , special forces , or sneak into Iran , and guide to raid 27 places .

Font Size : T | T 0 participate in the 0 Comments 0 Comments 0 comment Print forwarding
BEIJING, February 4 , according to Itar-Tass reported that Russia Moscow City Health Bureau of Lord The governance physicians Vladimirovich thou · QiuLin , said , Moscow , about 200 peop

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Tumor , cyst , tumor -specific drug

tumor , cyst , tumor -specific drug Source: Evening News Keywords: tumor ; mass; lymph node tuberculosis; atrophy ; polyps author : ; 2010-11-30 14:06
actively involved in professional men and hospital AIDS day to promote


tumor , cyst , tumor -specific drug

forty thousand yuan package pregnant IVF


vinegar and health talks


moxa knee disease was miraculous


release Date : 2010-11-30 0

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Nasal polyps what are the dangers for the human body

Nasal polyps what are the dangers for the human body ?
Nasal treatment for long-term health hazards not so big ?
Fuzhou, Zhongshan Hospital, ENT specialists point out : Many patients have nasal polyps phenomenon, especially long-term repeated in patients with sinusitis , nasal polyps most likely to be favored .
main symptoms of nasal polyps : stuffy nose , headache, thick nasal discharge, nasal polyps , especially what the larger , long-term presence of nasal squeeze , for the nas

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Dental Experts Division Pok Hong Japan rose three major characteristics of the treatment of bad brea

one: Japan is very safe treatment of bad breath Muscat

II: treatment of bad breath Japan Muscat powerful effect , the key factor is two-pronged approach

Japan Muscat topical use mainly oral , topical Japan Muscat rose essence through a strong and effective eradication of bacteria in the mouth , coupled with the strong aroma of Muscat on the day the Japanese topical to completely eliminate the oral odor , but this time not able to completely

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Recurrent tonsillitis what foods diet

Chinese medicine, acute tonsillitis heat Competing for the wind, knot in the throat, blood stasis is made, so the treatment of acute tonsillitis, to detoxify, Liyan swelling mainly in children with acute tonsil throat discomfort inflammation stage, we can use the following therapeutic side, not only to make it to relieve symptoms, but also to control the disease progresses.
Anabaena condition of porridge Houttuynia 30 g (fresh are doubled), 100 grams of rice, sugar amount. Wash the Houttuyn

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Man shot petition was sent to a mental hospital continued because of exposing corruption arrested

To stay put in a mental hospital six days and can volume Tan days into sleep, but the nightmare has quietly hit
his nightmare really the beginning of 2001, that year he reported to his unit – Highland Construction Bank leadership and staff of corruption and decay problems , the case was when the day over the Highlands Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation, the relevant persons responsible are brought to justice. 3 years of stormy seas, his career a sudden, waves, such as

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Persistent dry cough how to do

Why do dry cough? Cough medicine to eat what is good? Chengdu Military Region Air Force is sure to let the experts with the hospital authorities to find out. Cough is a protective airway reflexes rhinitis symptoms and treatment of respiratory irritation (such as inflammation, foreign body), the impulse to pass the medullary cough center […]

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Suqian NCMS to disease and hospitalization time by paying

Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang Yangzhou, Nantong, Taizhou, Huai’an, Yancheng Kunshan Xuzhou, Lianyungang Suqian news rebellion: 2012 年 01 月 06 Friday Favorites | ; Home 5, the reporter from the Suqian Municipal Health Bureau was informed that from this month, the new rural cooperative Suqian payment reform, according to the current fee-based system into […]

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Mid to live

Can be cured? survival depends on the severity of the patient’s condition and the body’s sensitivity to drugs , and reasonable treatment. Everyone is different, many patients will take before and after surgery taking ginseng treatment Gan RH2 , can reduce the tumor and improve the success rate of surgery ; after taking can increase […]

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Automobile market in a large area of ​​

No account? Sign Phoenix Home phone Phoenix Israel hands around the corner? after Israel propaganda offensive effective, special forces, or sneak into Iran, and guide to raid 27 places. Font Size: T | T 0 participate in the 0 comments Print to forwarding high summer temperatures, long exposure time, most parts of the automobile market […]

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Tengzhou Chaili mine Pok Pok school students to carry out the activities of health check – Zaozhuang

News Hotline :0632-3156865 Volkswagen Newspaper Group hosted ; Through this examination , the Pok Pok school students a comprehensive understanding of the growth and development , and health trends, students master the curb infectious diseases, the incidence of common diseases , etc., to guide targeted illness Pok health and timely diagnosis and treatment , to […]

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Dry mouth, bad breath is the key to cure deficiency heat

PLA submarine How to guard the credibility of Hong Kong Red Cross Hong Kong Red Cross Secretary General Chan Kai- exclusive dialogue , resolve its mode of operation . Conditions are not the subject of new national dairy shield under the new national standard milk can drink? Situation dictates the standard is really low ? […]

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Baby acute tonsillitis , Bai Puluo help busy

Baby acute tonsillitis, Lao Gao of. adults and upset gas Zao, children increase the likelihood of a cold. you parents should pay close attention to their most recent child health friends. a bacteria problem should immediately nipped in the bud stage. we must attach great importance to the child’s cold because children with poor immunity, […]

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Chinese medicine how to diagnose disease identified Khan

sweating time: a daytime excessive sweating. These people are often frail, low speaking voice, poor appetite, common cold, Chinese medicine, qi deficiency of the performance. These people can choose the diet, milk, beef and mutton can also be used, or stewed chicken or the tibia, to benefit the body, relieve Qi deficiency. Soothing, but also […]

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Rectal examination

rectal examination, are very harmful to human cancer, early cancer and advanced rectal cancer prognosis is completely different, Therefore, the discovery of cancer is very important and timely, current medical inspection equipment is constantly improved, which it has a rectal examination? PLA 309 Hospital, Department of Radiation Oncology Kuang Shan cancer age of onset between […]

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