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Pork braised sea cucumber taste and its own beautiful homes by the Sohu and recently read a lot of stories about philosophy, enlightenment to the truth, that there are a lot of philosophy usually eat food in the growth process is realized. She is speaking to the sea cucumber, sea cucumber defense is very special, when it was caught when it will put humans, pipeline and mixed in sticky and wet things from the anus and exhales, tied to the human fingers, when you can’t get rid of, the sea cucumber is the opportunity to slip away. The crab to provoke or encounter enemy arrives, it can also be routed. This story reminds me of the house lizard lizard tails to survive, animal, when natural enemies bite the tail or dangerous, often cut the tail, to attract the attention of the enemy, took the opportunity to escape to escape. This can be said to be a sacrifice of local, preservation of the overall survival. It is their ability to defend themselves. Warrior arm has its beauty. To give up to get. There is no perfect thing in the world, but "give up" is that you do not care about things that do not care, people, objects, desires, hopes, "get" is what they want and like those drops. Like a delicious food, let a lot of people to taste it, everyone has their own ideas and awareness. As the crabs listed season, delicious and addictive, but every time the delicious food, I only eat one, is to retain the delicious miss. Only choose to taste delicious, not expensive, like the pork braised sea cucumber, after the elbow, big black ginseng are not ingredients in the top grade, but it is worthy of this dish, taste, cooking and ordinary people can afford the price. Pork braised sea cucumber raw materials: pork pig 1, big black and 1 only (about 400 grams). Spices: onion 30 grams, ginger 30 grams, 500 grams of chicken soup, salad oil 1000 grams (about consumption of 50 grams), 75 grams of rice wine, soy sauce 50 grams, 20 grams of salt, 15 grams of sugar, pepper 3 grams, 5 grams of sesame oil. Production: 1, pig pork scraped clean, pot into the water, into the cooking wine, onions 10 grams, 10 grams of ginger cook for about 30 minutes, six or seven mature fish cleaned pork pig bone to take out the meat, add wine, soy sauce, 2 spare; pot, pour salad oil burning 80% hot, add pig pork, fried until slightly hard, the color red when the fish, cut into pieces. 3, pot stay in base oil, into the scallion, ginger fried flavor, add 1000 grams of water, add salt, rice wine, soy sauce, chicken soup, braised pork pig in about 20 minutes. 4, Wu and cutting up the spare pot into the water, boil the sea ginseng boil 30 seconds out of standby; 5, pig pork soft rotten into the sea cucumber, braised sea cucumber in about 15 minutes of soft rot, change in the fire close juice, minus the onion ginger, add sesame oil can dial. The pork pig’s choice, I love glial elbow bones and meat more, stew out of the soup taste more delicious than the meat before the elbow after elbow, the elbow can choose love to eat meat. Large black ginseng is a kind of light, mainly in the South China Sea, the nutritional value and taste are.相关的主题文章:

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