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UnCategorized Potty training is one of the most dreaded but important challenge that a child has to face in his or her young life. It .es at a time when the child is learning to be more independent. The child may resist potty training altogether, and eventually the potty training process be.es a big hassle for the parents. In this article, I would like to share with you some insight on potty training and resistance that may .e with it so that you and your toddler will have a more pleasant experience. Always be sure that your child is ready for potty training. Never try to force the issue if your child is not ready physically and emotionally. Refusing to potty train can be simply frustrating. You can start the training process simply by getting your child familiar with going to the potty. Having your child sit on the potty even though there is no bowel movement or urination helps greatly to ease the child into it. Interactive potty training books and videos are also great ways of introducing toilet training to your child. Make sure the conversation is at his or her level and answer your child’s questions if there are any. Another way to deal with the issue on potty training and resistance is to take your child for shopping. Rewarding your child is possibly one of the most effective ways in making your child less resistant. Motivation is the key to successful potty training. Have him or her pick out something special to them. Purchase this item with your child and remind your child that he or she will only get it if goals are met such as, for staying clean for a whole day and for successfully using the potty. If your child is hesitant about even sitting on the potty, do not push him or her. You may consider using a potty training chart. Training charts and stickers are great motivational tools that keep your toddler interested. Start by putting stickers on the chart for sitting on the potty. After a while, only give stickers when your child uses the potty when necessary. Finally, offer a small toy as a reward for 3 accident free days or when they .plete the chart. Do not punish your child for accidents. Always keep in mind that each time your child wet his or her pants, your child is doing his or her best to get the hang of toilet training. Be patient and try to understand your child so that he or she does not continue to feel resistance towards potty training which can eventually lead to regression. You would not want the whole potty training experience to turn into a nightmare. There are many ways and tools available to make the experience fun and interesting. Find out which system work best for you and your toddler so that you can easily over.e potty training and resistance. Remember to reward and encourage your child so that he or she will be.e less resistant. Stay cool and positive, and have fun with your child during this trying process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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