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Primary school students do not want to learn programming parents very tangled look at the teacher how to say Zhong Gong Temple central primary school children in the interest of the community to learn programming. Children in elementary school grade two, the public Ms. Chen is very tangled: in the end to let the children learn programming? "I heard that it is good for small rise early, and can exercise logical thinking ability." Ms. Chen said, a lot of friends around the hope that through this new project for the future of the child "another way". However, recently, the reporter learned that, in the face of the enthusiasm of the parents, teachers still recommend rational treatment. Why parents keen programming? Education is the driving force of information technology course is a compulsory course in primary school, the third grade has officially commenced. In primary school, this course is mainly to teach children the basic application of computers and Internet access to knowledge. According to the teacher’s view, this piece of programming is relatively esoteric, belonging to the information technology curriculum in the higher version". Ms. Chen’s son was in grade two, but in order to let his son lay a solid foundation, she would like to give his son reported an after-school programming training classes. But she also worried that the child is too young, it also concerns whether the eyes, teacher training can give his son a good start. Why do parents love programming? Reporters learned that study is the driving force. According to the relevant provisions of the City Board of education, in addition to the entrance examination items explicitly listed in the category of Informatics competition. Among them, the Provincial Department of Education organized by the Youth Information Science (computer) contest first prize and the two prize winners, respectively with 8 points and 6 points; the competition of computer programming students first prize jointly organized by the city Department of education and science winners, plus 6 points. "Understanding the individual" policy of parents think, learn programming, is a key university astepping-stone to success, because the college entrance examination "three-in-one" to this kind of contest provides the "national key university autonomous enrollment opportunities". Learning programming is not as early as possible, it is important that both the interest and the gifted school teachers in the office are very understanding of the parents’ anxiety". Teachers with their own experience, talk about the parents, students how to deal with this rational emerging course. Yinzhou Zhong Gong Temple Central Primary School Teacher Chen Chunyan said, programming can train students’ comprehensive thinking ability, but it needs to be more solid mathematical foundation. So the interest in the school community selected seedling, will generally choose math grades are good, and there is spare capacity. "It is not recommended that children learn programming early." Chen said, put aside the impact of vision, mainly low-grade children even the most basic mathematical formula, English words are not, how to learn programming? Even with these foundations, we have to see whether the child has the talent. Jiaochuan academy full-time tutoring teacher Fu Shuibo said, after entering junior high school there are many students began to learn programming from the zero based. For example, more than and 70 students Jiaochuan academy enrolled in a community of interest, most had never come into contact with the programming. But after a couple of years of accumulation, many of them also emerge, even beyond the soon to start learning programming from primary school students. Fu teacher believes that when to start learning is not important, it is important for students to programming;相关的主题文章:

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