Pu Jinhui will deliver a national conversation or announced the second line ghost observer

Pu Jinhui will deliver a "national conversation" announced or relegated to second tier park. Data figure original title: Pu Jinhui will deliver a "national conversation" to apologize again or take a back seat in November announced the 4 Xinhua comprehensive report, South Korean President Park Geun hye will 4 at 10:30 in the morning local time, according to the work of political cronies Cui Shun published a national conversation on the storm. Korean media said, Chong Wa Dae news sources, in addition to announced that Pu Jinhui will take a back seat, that if necessary, willing to accept the prosecution investigation. According to reports, local time on the evening of 3 South Korean prosecutors arrest warrant to 10:57, arrested Cui Shunshi, will thoroughly investigate her crime. Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo at 10:24 that evening, about 4 such as morning park will issued a national conversation on the news. According to the Chong Wa Dae and the ruling new world party sources, Pu Jinhui will talk to the people through once again solemnly apologize, and will say, if it is necessary to accept the prosecution investigation, is committed to clean government chaos in. It is reported that, at the same time, park Geun hye will also clarify, she was nominated prime minister plenipotentiary Jin Bingzhun will have in the fields of economy, society, she is only focused on defense and foreign affairs. Pu Jinhui in October 25th in Chong Wa Dae published on the national conversation, and recognize the election as president was part of the information asked for advice on the matter Shunshi Cui, and apologize to all the citizens. Under the "trusted intervention" incident pressure, Pu Jinhui October 30th emergency restructuring of the presidential palace, An Zhongfan accepted the resignation of 8 core staff. Earlier, South Korean prosecutors of several current and former assistant Park home and offices were raided. Currently, prosecutors are still investigating whether there are other Chong Wa Dae personnel involved in the incident. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章:

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