Qatar coach angry to spray the Chinese side caused its missing machine lack of fair competition

Qatar coach anger spray caused the Chinese machine error: the lack of fair competition spirit sports Tencent in Kunming in November 14th (Wen Cengxiao Zhao Yu) in Qatar before the conference, all focus on the Qatar team late. Until three pm today, Qatar came to Kunming. This obviously caused trouble for them, Qatar coach very dissatisfied. Qatar’s pre match press conference Fossati said: "we originally planned to ride from Doha to Chinese charter, for some reason, I don’t know, our plane does not meet some of the provisions of Chinese civil aviation, did not get a landing permit. The news we learned only three or four days ago, the Qatar Football Association immediately took the emergency plan, to take the civil aviation aircraft." He put this thing as the Chinese event organizers lack the spirit of fair play, "I don’t think this problem is caused by the Qatar Football Association, I think in addition to the court within the OTC should also have the spirit of fair competition." Due to the transfer in Bangkok, fossati revealed that the team spent 12 hours at the Bangkok airport, "we stayed at Bangkok airport for more than 12 hours at the airport, we were unable to carry out training. FIFA as the highest authority in football, they will certainly be aware of the reasons for the late arrival of our team, they will certainly take further action." Here, it seems some fossati angry, "we’ll adaptability training site, our purpose is to get rid of the journey, ready for the game tomorrow. Tomorrow you will see that our players have a lot of mental strength, and our players will have more potential and strength because of such a bad trip. I always think that the Chinese have brought us such a problem." Fossati such a statement, so that the conference site of the Chinese Football Association officials nervous. After Fossati left, the Chinese Football Association news officer to the presence of the media, said the China Association of foot and the Organizing Committee of the event, a little bit on the evening of the official release of the matter, please pay attention to the official website of the football association.相关的主题文章:

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