Qijiang Bishan Chongqing institutions recruit sunny came home

Qijiang, Bishan, Chongqing institutions recruit a number of positions to recruit people. City Human Social Security Bureau website screenshot Hualong at 10:12 on October 8th (reporter She Zhenfang) looking for a job to see the people, there are a number of Posts recruit. The reporter learned from the Chongqing human IESS, recently, Qijiang district open recruitment of 3 jobs in 6 business unit personnel, recruitment examination of 3 jobs in 3 business unit personnel, Bishan district for the national public key (recruits) urgently needed high-level talents. The Qijiang district for the community to recruit 3 positions of the public institutions of the staff of the staff, the assessment of the recruitment of the 3 positions of the staff of the 3 institutions of the 6. The open recruitment for the four District Agricultural Committee in charge of the town of animal husbandry and veterinary station and Dongxi Town Agricultural Service Center, Yongxin town water management service station, examination of the recruitment unit of the Qijiang television station, the South Carolina high school and Qijiang District Environmental Monitoring station. The recruitment of voluntary service in Qijiang district for more than 5 years, more than 3 years in the recruitment unit. Registration time is from October 9th to 10, the venue for the Qijiang district examination and training center. I can not apply for the registration of candidates can apply for registration, but I have to produce the signature of the proxy, the registration of the relevant information required and the client’s identity card and a copy. Open recruitment of post written examination time is scheduled for October 22nd, the specific time and place to the admission ticket shall prevail; check the recruitment of professional subjects test time notice. At the same time, Bishan district for transferring public institutions (recruits) national staff of 26, transferring (recruits) for Bishan foreign institutions in the series in the post staff. The transferring unit including District Water Bureau, District Bureau of land resources and housing management, require candidates for postgraduate; hiring units involved in the Party School District, the District People’s Hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, maternal and child health hospital and other 9 units, require candidates to have more than 5 years working experience in institutions, and commitment to work in Bishan not less than 5 years. Recruitment online registration, registration time is October 1st 9:00 to 23 18:00. Candidates can log in Bishan district government public information network, Bishan Hongyan network to download and fill out the relevant registration form, together with the electronic ID, degree certificate, certificate of title, 1 inch photo scanning the compressed packet sent to the specified mailbox bszzbrck@163. Written examination time is tentatively scheduled for early November, the specific time, place and attention, etc.. The interview time for roughly 11 months late (the qualification review), the specific interview time, location to be announced. (Hualong network)相关的主题文章:

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