Quanzhou Huian a girl hand in the cup card it is in order to dig to eat red dates (Figure) – iptd-651

Quanzhou Huian a girl hand in the cup card   it is in order to eat out of red dates (Figure) 4 – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn October 13th afternoon, Huian County town of New South primary school children outside screw hand stuck in the cup, in urgent need of assistance. Huian County Fire Brigade screw City squadron fire brigade rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the report. The scene, fire officers and men of the view that a little girl left thumb by a narrow mouth cup tightly stuck, the girl cried tired sleeping in her mother’s arms. Because the cup is made of plastic, relatively hard, not equipped with accompanying vehicles can be used to remove the tool, fire officers and soldiers had to take the girl to the squadron again removed. Back to the fire brigade, a veteran of the first power monitor pliers, pliers and other rescue tools on the periphery will slowly remove the cup, the cup down to only the inner ring, in the inner ring mill opened a gap, then from both sides respectively by two pliers forced to break, finally took off the cup. The whole process of the little girl does not cry, rescue work smoothly and orderly conduct. The little girl’s mother said to the little girl inside the glass bubble is red dates, drinking water, the children want to use the hand to eat red dates out, it was stuck. Fortunately, big mouth cup, did not cause too much damage to the little girl’s finger. (reporter Xie Yixuan correspondent Wu Wenxia Lin Xiaodong) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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