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Real Madrid Preview: C Ronaldo led 5 to be hurt by cold or leave J Ronaldo – Sohu of Beijing sports time on August 28th at 2:15 in the morning, 2016-2017 season, the Spanish Football League second round usher in a focus of the war, Real Madrid at the Bernabeu home court against celta. The Milky Way battleship boss Zidane has announced to participate in the game’s roster, C Ronaldo, Isko, Benzema, Navas, Fabio Coentrao injured, Nacho not because of technical reasons. Modri suspended Pepe lifted back, for the first time this season in the squad, the B team has Mariano and Nicks got called clarke. The two teams in the league history has played 100 times, Real Madrid with 56 wins and 15 draws and 29 losses, 224 goals and scoring 132 goals in the home court, the Milky Way prevailed, 50 warships and Galician team score of 39 wins 5 flat 6 negative, scoring 150 goals to lose 42 balls. Real Madrid once in the League against CELTA is 2013-2014 season thirty-seventh round, when Enrique led the team to 2-0 win over Real Madrid in the 1 round exit ahead of the Milky Way battleship League championship. While Real Madrid on a home court losing to CELTA is in the 2006-2007 season, the ninth round, when Capello led the team to lose 1-2. Real Madrid last season 1-3 away, 7-1 home court beat celta. The first round of the League Real Madrid easily beat the Royal Society, the Galician team face CELTA, has no last season so strong, led the team to join Manchester City Nuo Lituo offensive strength damage. If the Real Madrid can beat CELTA, will break the 2014-2015 season, Ancelotti led the team to obtain 13 winning streak, the highest record in the League 14 game winning streak record to Munhoz in 1961 the team made 15 straight team history. J Robben game although the squad, but not necessarily for the western media revealed that if the people of Columbia do not play in the league, will change the idea of leaving. "Aspen" revealed: Zidane has recommended J Ronaldo leave Real Madrid, even if J Ronaldo play, it doesn’t mean he can stay in Bernabeu, you know, Harvey – Alonso and Mesut Ozil Di Maria are in the game after less than a week, was sold to real madrid. Easco round defeat is not ready to leave, the people of Malaga minor ankle sprain, the hanging mianzhanpai, the doctor said easco is sprained his right ankle ligament. In the squad for Lopez Terje, but also because of injury did not list easco, the future will be missed and Belgium friendly, as well as on the array of Zhi DUNSHI at the world cup. As a result of this game Navas Achilles tendon injury has not yet fully recovered, casiglia the game will continue to guard Longmen. Marcello and Carvajal as left defender, Ramos will usher in the old partner Pepe, two people continue to jointly form the combination of satellite. The other case Miro will serve as midfielder Modri and sapper, Toni cross will form a dual core. Striker Asensio Baer played the role as a free man, the heart attack, Morata served as offensive attack bridgehead. Real Madrid: casiglia Carvajal, prediction of first Pepe)相关的主题文章:

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