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Reminder: the Bundesliga Augsburg this season without European Football League Bundesliga football [] on prediction and analysis: RB Leipzig vs Augsburg start time: 2016-10-01 02:30 RB Leipzig: summary of injury injury: Gibson (guard), Papadopoulos K (guard), Sberg (forward) and Clostermann (back) Augsburg indisponibili: Bobadilla (forward), Cole (midfielder), Kayubi (midfielder), M Friedrich (guard), Flum Begg (guard) and Carlson Braque (back) of the ball hunting in Leipzig: RB? RB Leipzig in last season’s Second Division League outstanding achievement to second in the league this season, the Bundesliga to upgrade. The five season of the new season with a total of 9 points ranked league. ? as the Bundesliga history fifty-fifth new army, RB Leipzig since the first show was flat after each round of forced Hoffenheim to show surprise. If the second round upset victory over the remaining large Dortmund luck, the third was reflected in the 4 ball victory over Hamburg is indeed King Bundesliga attendance of their strength (in the occupation League since the biggest victory.). The fourth round of the season against Borussia?, the new aid Werner scored the opening 6 minutes then he joined RB since Leipzig’s third league goals, if not a defender Johnson from time ago threatened savior. The last round of the league, RB Leipzig 1-1 draw away to cologne. ? because of their strong consortium support, RB Leipzig this summer recruiting is well known, the most valued is striker Giuseppe Werner, the son of famous in Stuttgart, and is the 1 youngest Bundesliga matches two players. He let the arrival of the Danish striker Poulsen no longer weak, two of them rely on combination is an important team in the bundesliga. ? it is worth mentioning that the last round against Cologne is VerneS occupation career 100th Bundesliga games, he will work with the goal to celebrate their Bundesliga record 100. This week? Home court against Augsburg, the team must play Red Bull and strive to maintain unity with excellent performance to keep a clean sheet and details of the game will decide the game. Augsburg Augsburg last season recorded 9 wins, 11 draws and 14 negative record, ranking the Serie A standings in the top twelfth. The first 5 rounds of the season recorded 2 wins 1 flat 2 negative, in table eleventh. The League Round, Augsburg home 1-0 win over Darmstadt, Schuster beat his old club, coach Augsburg second. First half time, Guevara two yellow end, Darmstadt 10 men. Forty-seventh minutes, with Zizhe pass, Finnbogason top into the only goal. ? Shusiteer team this season without European football, you can put all their energy into the league, but Augsburg defender leave the main influence on the strength of the team. In the past few games, Augsburg have a lot of ups and downs, they need to do better on the defensive side, the new season league team field相关的主题文章:

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