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Hardware Using many cables to connect and switch between HDMI set-top boxes, DVD players, and gaming systems to display on multiple HDTV displays was proving to be a cumbersome process for users. In the past, transmitting video and audio to various HDTVs from a single source required plugging and unplugging cables from each display device which proved to be a cumbersome process. With the introduction of HDMI Splitters, the method of connecting input and output devices was simplified. A HDMI device can now be connected to the splitter and audio/video transmitted simultaneously across many HDTVs with HDMI cables. In addition, using Cat5 HDMI extenders, devices can also be connected over long distances using Cat5e/Cat6 cables. In digital signage applications throughout airports, shopping malls, or subway stations for example, where the same information is displayed on many high quality HDMI devices, HDMI splitters are an obvious choice. Home theater enthusiasts have also wel.ed these devices with open arms as they replicate the images with zero signal loss and allow resolutions up to 1080i and 1080p. .pact in size, they do not require any software/drivers for installation and work on using plug and play functionality. There are many online shopping stores from where users can .pare and avail all types of models with different numbers of ports. The HDMI Splitter is fast the most popular amongst the different types of splitters as high end HDMI video displays continue to be.e more affordable and HDMI technology expands in various markets. An available matrix version of this device allows for multiple video signals to be switched between multiple displays for even more versatility. Conversion of signals from digital to analog and then back to digital is not required by these splitters as they transfer signals in digital formats itself. This device will continue to be popular as long as there are users who wish to duplicate high definition video and digital audio from one source and display it on multiple units. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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