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Rio T11 women’s track and field 400 meters Guangxi Liu Cuiqing gold in September 16th, China player Liu Cuiqing (left) and leading members of Xu Donglin in the game. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter F Bbu Zahi Guangxi daily, Nanning news (reporter Jiang Shiyuan) in September 17th, from Brazil to Rio came the good news, Guangxi’s Liu won the women’s track and field with the green jade is blue T11 400 meters champion. The same day, in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games track and field women’s 400 m T11 finals, the age of Nanning sister Liu Cuiqing and leader of the team to win the championship in 56 seconds, 71 seconds to win the title of 25. It was Liu Cuiqing’s second gold medal at the Paralympic games. In September 15th, Liu Cuiqing and teammate Jia Junting Xian (Jiangxi), Zhou Guohua (Guangdong), Shen Yaqin (Jiangsu) together, play well, Rick Brazil and Spain, Columbia and other countries who won the women’s T11-T13   4× 100 m relay gold medal, and 18 with 47 seconds to break their own world record. Liu Cuiqing is Nanning Wu Wei, born in 1991, at the age of 10 because of eye blindness. At the age of 17, Liu Cuiqing was the coach of the Guangxi FIMITIC bell found the track and field road. In 2010, Liu Cuiqing was selected for the national team. 2014 in Inchon, South Korea, the Paralympic Games, Liu Cuiqing won the women’s T11 class 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, T11-12 class 4×, the relay of the 100 meters and long jump champion of the project, becoming the biggest highlight of the Asian Track and field. The 2015 World Championships, world championships debut Liu Cuiqing broke the Brazil athletes trietsch · Gil, hold the world record for 10 years, and won 4 gold medals. With the outstanding performance at the world championships, Liu Cuiqing won the 2016 World Sports Award for the year of the year award for the disabled athlete of the year in the year of the year of the year of the year in the year of the World Health Organization in the year of the year of the year of.相关的主题文章:

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