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The RMB exchange rate continued to moderate callback – reporter Wang Hui after Monday’s rally, the RMB against the U.S. dollar spot exchange rate for two consecutive days, a slight pullback. In February 17th, the RMB spot exchange rate around the 6.5250 yuan a narrow range of shocks, closing slightly down 123 basis points. This Wednesday, Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the interbank foreign exchange market between the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.5237 yuan, compared with the previous trading day of 6.5130 yuan fell by 107 basis points, the central parity of RMB exchange rate from second consecutive trading days to fall. On the spot market, the spot exchange rate of RMB $164 basis points lower in early trading at 6.5300 yuan, all day long overall around 6.5250 yuan a narrow range, up to 16:30 times the closing of 6.5259 yuan, down 123 basis points compared with the previous trading day, the RMB spot rate for the second consecutive trading day moderate callback. In addition, as Beijing February 17th 16:30, Hongkong’s offshore market exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar CNH reported 6.5286 yuan, down 98 basis points compared with the previous trading day, and the domestic spot exchange rate spreads remain at a low level of 16 basis points. For the overall performance of the RMB exchange rate on Wednesday, traders said, as the festival of the stability of the RMB exchange rate is expected to return to the trend of the RMB exchange rate, the market bearish force significantly subsided. Nearly two trading days, the RMB exchange rate continued to start callback, the main factor is still follow the euro, the yen and other non American currencies normal performance. In the short term, the dollar index in the short term is difficult to restore a strong case, the RMB exchange rate is expected to maintain a narrow range of operation pattern, continuous callback space is expected to be more limited. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

人民币汇率继续温和回调    □本报记者 王辉    经过本周一的大涨之后,人民币对美元汇率中间价、即期汇价连续两日小幅回调。2月17日,境内人民币即期汇价全天围绕6.5250元一线窄幅震荡,收盘小幅下跌123基点。    本周三,中国外汇交易中心授权公布的银行间外汇市场人民币对美元汇率中间价报6.5237元,较前一交易日的6.5130元下跌107个基点,人民币汇率中间价由此连续第二个交易日出现回落。当日即期市场上,人民币对美元即期汇率早盘低开164个基点报6.5300元,全天整体围绕6.5250元一线窄幅波动,截至16:30收盘时报6.5259元,较前一交易日下跌123个基点,人民币即期汇价也连续第二个交易日出现温和回调。此外,截至北京时间2月17日16:30,香港离岸市场上人民币对美元CNH汇价报6.5286元,较前一交易日下跌98个基点,与境内即期汇价的价差继续保持在16个基点的较低水平。    对于周三人民币汇率的整体表现,交易员表示,随着节后人民币汇率稳定预期回归,市场趋势性看空人民币汇率的力量明显消退。近两个交易日人民币汇率持续展开回调,主要因素仍是跟随欧元、日元等非美货币的正常表现。从短期来看,在美元指数短期难以重新恢复强势的情况下,人民币汇率有望保持窄幅震荡的运行格局,持续回调空间预计较为有限。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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