Rooney was humiliated not to go to the United States Manchester United also want to transfer fee –

Rooney: not to humiliate the United States to play Manchester United also want a transfer fee – Sohu sports Rooney humiliated: not to play in the United States   just spent 31 birthday of Rooney, suffered the most difficult occupation career moment, whether it is united or England, although he is the captain, but lost its main location. In the past five rounds of the Premier League, Rooney did not get the first chance, one of the Games did not even list. Because of the opportunity to play less and shape, Sir Bobby Charlton Rooney broke the record of 249 goals of the day were forced to postpone his goals, the 538 remained in the game of 246 ball, chubby needs into the four ball, to be able to monopolize the Manchester United top scorer in the history of ao. Prior to this, there is news, before Rooney did not break Sir Bobby Charlton, would not consider leaving united. But more and more fleet street news pointed out that even if Rooney didn’t want to leave, and has two years of contract, but little is likely to have to leave, because he is almost not playing ball, continue to do this, in 2018 Russia World Cup dream should be broken. British media broke the "mirror", with 250 thousand pounds a week Rooney, in principle, not be united cleaning, because the price is too high, active cleaning, light to a salary, bonus, because fat does not go to the United States and China words, for the home does not have such a large salary; it is necessary to point out that not only United will not take the initiative to clean Rooney, also wishful thinking, want to earn a transfer fee. That is to say, Rooney at Manchester United not playing ball, more is forced to take the initiative to submit application for leave xiaopang, although Manchester United don’t expect the summer of 2004 to recover the investment in Rooney on 25 million pounds transfer fee, but must hold to make a fortune mentality. Recently, the United States printing crazy pass, the ball will be the Milky Way Losangeles team wants to sign Rooney news, the team in recent years there has been a traditional England star sign, before Beckham, and now Gerrard, the legendary Liverpool contract expires at the end of this year, the Losangeles team has the Milky Way let Rooney replace Gerrard’s idea, but was strongly opposed by the the club’s former chief executive, said a Laixi -, fat do not deserve to sign. The Losangeles team in the Milky Way Gerrard who did not receive what return, although Rooney 5 years younger than him, but you know, the club needs to pay more in his body. Do you want to be an influential but not contributing player, or a player who has no influence and contribution? Rooney is 31 years old, and he can’t show the great side. It’s a serious problem." Losangeles team before the Milky Way CEO Lalas said, "Billy in Foshan fans tastes very Diao, now than 10 years ago, if the player does not make a good performance in the field, it is losing money, no one is willing to look at the players." (nineteen)相关的主题文章:

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