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Samsung S7 S7 Edge experience: feel good waterproof function regression technology Sohu of Barcelona science and technology Sohu [] reported Beijing time on February 21st, Samsung released its latest flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in Barcelona. Sohu technology is also the first time to experience the trial site, in addition to upgrading the hardware, the user’s feelings have made some improvements. It can be seen that Samsung has also done a lot of thinking in the fierce competition in the mobile phone market. In appearance, the appearance of S7 is much larger than S6, and the screen uses 5.1 inch 2K resolution. S7 Edge uses OLED curved screen 5.5 inches 2K resolution, Edge change is around the surface, the main feeling is in the grip handle and improve a lot. In addition, abandoned in the S6 support on microSD card function in return in the S7 series, extended support to 200GB, in fact, this function for Android phone, is still very necessary. At the same time increased waterproof function, with IP68 class waterproof, can work in 1 meters deep water for half an hour. The pictures, S7 and S7 Edge with a new 12 million pixel sensor, although the pixel value is 16 million lower than that of the present, but the new sensor equipped with BRITECELL Technology: area of 12.5 inches, a single pixel size is about 1.4um, aperture F1.7. It is understood that the new sensor used and Canon dual pixel sensor, single pixel One divides into two. two photodiodes, and then work together, realize the focus of the phase difference detection, and when shooting photos, two photodiodes and the respective image signals converge together as a pixel output, so as to improve the picture. In the course of the trial, in the dark and light conditions, the imaging quality and speed increase. Battery life, battery capacity 3000mAh S7 Edge S7, is a 3600mAh battery, 2600mAh battery compared to the previous generation of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to enhance and support the quick charge function, S7 S7 edge full two hours, 2.2 hours full. On the other hand, the new machine is equipped with Always on Display screen appears in the screen function, the screen display function of the active state, the purpose is to reduce unnecessary power consumption. Also of concern is: Samsung Pay, it is reported that February 24th will be the domestic beta, including cloud UnionPay flash pay (QucikPass) for contactless payments, China territory most of the POS terminal, covering most of the line shops. March will be followed by the national version of the same listing. Parameter configuration: · screen: Galaxy S7 5.1 inches (resolution 2560× 1440), Galaxy S7 Edgz

三星S7 S7 Edge体验:手感上佳防水功能回归-搜狐科技      【搜狐科技巴塞罗那报道】北京时间2月21日,三星在巴塞罗那发布最新旗舰机Galaxy S7及Galaxy S7 Edge。搜狐科技也第一时间现场体验试用,除了在硬件方面的升级提升外,在用户的使用感受上做了些改进。可以看出,三星也在激烈的手机市场竞争中做了不少思考。         外观方面,S7外观于S6相比太大变化,屏幕采用5.1英寸2K分辨率。S7 Edge采用5.5英寸2K分辨率的OLED曲面屏,在Edge上变化是四周采用多曲面,最主要的感受就是在握持手感提升了很多。      另外,在S6上被抛弃的支持microSD卡功能在在S7系列中回归,扩展支持可以到200GB,其实这个功能对于安卓机来说,还是很有必要的。同时增加了防水功能,具备IP68级别防水,可以在1米深水下正常工作半小时。      拍照方面,S7和S7 Edge采用全新的1200万像素传感器,虽然像素值比目前的1600万低了,但采用的配备BRITECELL技术的新传感器:面积1 2.5寸,单个像素尺寸约为1.4um,光圈值F1.7。据了解,采用的新传感器和佳能双像素传感器类似,将单个像素一分为二,然后两个光电二极管协同工作,实现对焦的相位差检测,而在拍摄照片的时候,两个光电二极管又将各自的图像信号汇合起来,作为一个像素进行输出,从而提高画质。在试用过程中,在暗光的情况下,成像质量和对焦速度提升明显。         续航方面,S7电池容量3000mAh,S7 Edge则是3600mAh电池,相比上一代Galaxy S6、S6 Edge的2600mAh电池提升明显,并支持快充功能,S7两小时充满,S7 edge需要2.2小时充满。         其他方面,新机配备Always on Display屏幕常显功能,在息屏状态的屏幕主动显示功能,目的是为了降低不必要的功耗。另外值得关注的是:Samsung Pay,据悉2月24日将开启国内公测,可包括银联云闪付(QucikPass)在内的中国境内绝大多数POS终端上进行非接支付,覆盖绝大部分线下商店。3月份将会跟随国行版同时发布上市。      参数配置:   ·屏幕:Galaxy S7 5.1英寸(分辨率2560×1440)、Galaxy S7 Edge 5.5英寸(分辨率2560×1440)   ·处理器:骁龙820   ·内存:4GB LPDDR4   ·存储:32GB UFS 2.0,支持microSD TF卡   ·电池容量:Galaxy S7 3000mAh、Galaxy S7 Edge 3600mAh   ·摄像头:1200万像素 1 2.5英寸全新传感器   ·其他:压感屏幕、IP68防水、Micro-USB接口   ·操作系统:Android 6.0.1 + TouchWiz相关的主题文章:

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