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SARFT issued a notice to curb the price paid Star Entertainment Sohu such as "Yi wealth – Biography" Wallace Huo Xun Zhou paid a total of 150 million Sohu entertainment news August 26th, CCTV broadcast the "price paid" special news, the domestic film actor paid work reports and named criticism, "Yi Zhuan" referred to as the two men and women the main fee add up to a total of 150 million, and the circle of several popular niche paycheck hundreds of play 8000 to 120 million of the fee, resulting in making serious problems to be occupied, screenwriter, dubbing and other staff reward is extremely low. It is reported that the next SARFT will resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off problem. The specific direction includes: guidance Industry Association of the major film companies to develop resistance to "price" paid industry self-discipline; guidance of the relevant industry associations will "focus on film and television works ideological value and aesthetic orientation, optimization of film production cost structure" to formulate a proposal, strengthen the guidance to the market. Improve the filing requirements of the project audit requirements, timely stop the film blindly speculation star, fans, net red behavior. In addition, the Administration issued a notice requiring all levels of broadcasting organizations in the TV series broadcast in the process of purchase shall specify the actor, not to star as the star of "standard, excessive speculation in the TV series not propaganda work. Strict restrictions on entertainment programs especially reality TV broadcast, the proportion of time, duration and frequency, and strictly control the star child to participate in the reality show, effectively curb the speculation of the wind fan. To strengthen the social, entertainment news management, curb money, wealth, pleasure Starchaser overnight and other erroneous ideas spread. In this bulletin, the General Administration will further strengthen the management of the host, performing arts and other groups. Strengthen the qualification management, issued by the host, host and host organization the qualification examination card registration and audit, strengthen the management of radio and television guests. (source: Entertainment)相关的主题文章:

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