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Say that this movie is the most burning domestic gangster film, a little too much [Abstract] never thought, the people’s police arrest the criminal scene, more than expected to blood! "The Mekong River action" by thousands of police professional review hanging "handsome" domineering to the National Archives of Tencent (Wen Chen yuan) entertainment Zhuangao according to the 2011 Mekong "10.5" major film adaptation of "the Mekong River action" finally premiered! At first, this movie has given people the feeling is the main theme of the film, not surprisingly, is the brilliant leadership meeting deployment, overlay and upright people’s police arrest criminals, from A to Z were filled with "not living close to the atmosphere. Even if the director is shooting action scenes like mad Lin Chaoxian and little meat Eddie Peng to join, but who you are faced with the Ministry of public security! But the accident happened! Of course, brilliant leadership meeting the deployment of the scene or have, just never thought, the people’s police arrest the crime scene, but the blood more than expected! The beginning of the film, is a Eddie Peng’s undercover in the busy streets to catch drug traffickers action, from downtown to the alley, dogged the pace is very fast, but not the kind of traditional gangster film play for the show, Eddie Peng finally took 35 ambush in the corner under the dealer, quite a bit "Bourne". In order to obtain information, Eddie Peng Lynch confessions, almost to kill drug traffickers. Here is the scale of Eddie Peng’s character was also be struck dumb, and also portrayed very hard violent, though he is undercover, but on behalf of China’s public image, which in the end is how ah! With this question first look down. Pry out the message from the mouth after drug traffickers, without much respite, is an action scene in Thailand, without notice to the case of Burma, Zhang Hanyu led the second in-depth local drug traffickers Laochao, hijacked key person suspected of killing 13 crew China first drug group. In this action, including the dog days of asthma, a trained with regularity, individual combat capability, clear division of labor and execution efficiency of first-class team of amazing line. From the deployment plan, to the special case of Meng Da Xiao day stepped in to find a drug dealer, Zhang Hanyu yiyanbuge shot rob, finally to protect him and his men to leave clues two enemy dozens of characters…… A few minutes before and after the action of the play, but the audience dumbfounded, this is not often we in the United States in the United States and the United States special forces of the kind of combat! Yes, not a little preparedness, we used to be good that TV culture out of the stereotype of police impression, it was in front of a strong visual impact refresh – the original anti drug in our country public security can be so cattle X! But this is just the beginning! The next action drama, one after another, almost no one stopped drinking water, for fear of missing something. Rob the perfect escape process, a P car chases be caught off guard came, and full energy, Zhang Hanyu almost brush with death. To set of clues, Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng began posing as buyers, set up the first Bureau cited major drug traffickers into the Bureau – yes, more than playing Pretty Reckless, drug security also with his life in the interpretation of acting! Not a joke.相关的主题文章:

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