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"I see you" and released Liu Xuan Liu can hand warm male offensive – Sohu "see you and me" entertainment "poster Liu Can see me and you" show warm male offensive Sohu entertainment news by Danson Tang, Liu Can, Liu Xuan, Du Haitao, Wu Xin starred in the movie "love comedy" and you have to see me no. 9.8 landing national cinema, Liu Can in the film plays a warmth melted Liu Xuan’s overbearing president ", and Danson Tang love offensive competition. With the successful temperament of the actor Liu Can, in the past year to do a large number of fashion dramas. "I see you" and Liu Can is quite looking forward to a movie film, Liu Chan almost character appeared in a handsome many gold overbearing president, staged a warm and charming little love and Liu Xuan. Different from the previous president handed strong and solemn, in Liu Can’s love for Liu Xuan is deep and warm, gentle pursuit at the same time silently, as thousands of young girls in the eyes of the perfect man of god. Liu Chan and Danson Tang in the conflict contest is full of blood, Liu Xuan’s feeling of belonging because two high-quality men is whirling meet as equals. It is reported that Liu tsan Chiang just just finished a large costume drama "Yuan Chonghuan", this year has been in the costume film crew in micro-blog Liu can laugh: "last year is a modern opera, this year is a big costume, we can not with you?"相关的主题文章:

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