Self Assessment Is A Key To The Extensive Preparations For A Successful Attempt In

Reference-and-Education The exams of IIT JEE are one of the most prestigious exams in India through which hundreds of students get admissions into the Indian Institutes of Technology. Being the best technology institutes in India, it is imperative that the tests conducted by them also have to be the best. And to speak, they are the best as the best students are able to crack the exam with a bit of luck going their way. These students who have crossed the hurdle of IIT JEE are students who are no different from others in their league, but have come about to become the best in a certain way. Everybody prepares for these exams by studying the basic subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics. They study a lot, attend coaching classes, sit for many mock tests and again repeat these things. After these paraphernalia, many students do not find a rank in the JEE. They are dejected and try to find out what went wrong. Was there something in their preparations that could have been a possible reason for their failure? Or was it that the questions were tough for them? Well, questions were the same for everyone who appeared in the exams in the same year. Some people had luck working for them while some might have been unlucky on that particular day. The one thing that people do not accept about their failure is the lack of something important during their preparations. Even though luck might have been a factor, it is only able to vary the overall rank so that someone who was supposed to go with a higher rank actually lands up in the lower side. But success was sure for them. Students who didnt make it through the JEE exams the first time around, should always go for a bit of retrospection. They will find that the self assessment tests would be quite beneficial. This is the point which many miss out on. They do not think of assessing their progress at regular intervals. Every month or say fortnight, students should try to see, at what level they actually stand when put under the same circumstances as is during the exam. Although the pressures of performing wouldnt be as intense as in that particular day in that particular venue, yet there is some similarity in the time constraints. Students should take up tests to assess the subjects or topics they are weak in. This is possible if tests for all the subjects and also for individual tests are appeared regularly. This can be done by sitting for mock tests conducted by coaching institutes, or they can be design at home with the help of various study materials. After the tests, a thorough checking of the answers should be done and the wrongs should be immediately corrected so as not to mistake them the next time around. Revision, test taking, correction of mistakes are some of the important features that distinguishes a ranked person from one who doesnt secure one. These might sound very simple on the talking front, but practicing them diligently is not as easy. But those who break the code of the IIT JEE will vouch that every resource in the book has to be utilized. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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